Try Wordly Translation in a 10-Minute Demo

Try Wordly Translation in this self-service interactive demo. You can test using different input and output languages - and experience both translated captions and audio. The demo takes about 10 minutes.

Wordly "Try it Now" Demo Instructions

Step 1 - Sign up for a Wordly Account - no credit card is required -

Step 2 - Look for an email with sender = "Wordly Account" - verify your Account

Step 3 - Sign in to your Account -

Step 4 - Select the “Try it Now” option from your Account Dashboard - see the sample image below

Step 5 - Start your Wordly Test - follow the instructions on the Try it Now page in your Wordly account

The demo provides a quick way for one person to experience the power of Wordly. You can try using different input and output languages - and test both caption translation and audio translation outputs. See how easy it is to start a session and change languages

To see how Wordly works for multiple participants, and learn about cool features like transcripts, custom glossaries, and event platform integration options, you should schedule a personalized demo - Wordly Demo Request. You can see a sample of the Try it Now demo page below.

Wordly Live Translation Demo

This image is a screenshot of the Try it Now app from the Wordly Portal

You will be able to test several things in this interactive demo:

  1. Speaking in different input languages (select from 14 languages)
  2. Translating into different output languages - captions (select from 24 languages)
  3. Translating into different output languages - audio (select from 24 languages)

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Event Translation Options

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To further explore the power of Wordly, schedule a personalized demo so you can learn about these capabilities:

  • Platform Integrations - how we work alongside all major video conferencing and virtual event platforms
  • Session transcripts and custom glossaries
  • SSO - Single Sign On
  • Pricing, onboarding, and much more