Wordly Partner Program

Wordly helps partners increase engagement and inclusion for their customers by adding an easy to use, affordable AI-powered translation solution.

The Wordly Partner Program is designed to make it easy for businesses to offer real-time AI-powered translation alongside your products and services at meetings and events. Whether you offer an EventTech solution, are a Language Service Provider (LSP), or provide Event Management Services Wordly can be your partner. 

Watch Wordly in Action

Wordly provides real-time AI-Powered translation into dozens of languages - output options include audio, captions, and transcripts. Our solution does not rely on human interpreters or special equipment - making it fast to set up, easy to use, and affordable to add to any meeting or event.

Wordly is Easy to Implement

  • Wordly works seamlessly alongside event management platforms - there is no added work for you or your customers
  • Partners can also integrate Wordly into their platform with our new APIs
AI Translation

Wordly APIs

The new Developer APIs make it easier to integrate Wordly with event management, video conference, and webinar platforms. The APIs enable meeting planners to create and upload Wordiy translation sessions, start / stop sessions, and add glossaries from their event management platform - saving time and eliminating manual data entry. Other developer capabilities include supporting audio streaming directly to Wordly and customizing the design of the caption translation window within your platform. To access the APIs, submit a request.

Why you should join the Wordly Partner Program

Wordly Can Help You Multiple Ways

  • Win more deals by enhancing your value proposition with the ability to support multilingual events - increasing attendee inclusivity and engagement
  • Accelerate global expansion in EMEA and APAC where language interpretation needs are highest
  • Increase deal size by providing add-on translation, caption, and transcription services
  • Help your customers increase audience size by appealing to global participants
  • Compete with event platforms that offer translation

Wordly Makes a Great Partner

  • Easy to use for partners, meeting hosts, and attendees
  • Available on-demand, 24/7 and always ready for your next global event
  • Flexible pricing which we can tailor to your business model
  • Proven solution with over 3 million users and 400 million translation minutes

Wordly Complements All Event Solutions


Target Audience - Event Marketers and Meeting Planners

Value Proposition - Deliver High Meeting & Event Attendee Engagement and Inclusion

Cross Industry Solution - Associations, Corporate, Financial Services, Government, Higher Ed, Life Sciences, Non-profit, Planning Agencies

Global Solution - Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific

All Event Formats - In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid, Webinars

All Event Types - User Events, Customer Success, Trade Shows, Industry Conferences, Sales Kickoffs, Townhalls, Trainings, Seminars, Roadshows

Flexible Plans to Fit Different Business Models

Referral Agreements

Partner introduces Wordly to customers – Wordly manages the sale and customer onboarding. Partner earns a referral fee. 

Reseller Agreement

Partner manages the sale, using Wordly for sales support as needed – Wordly manages customer onboarding. Partner receives a discount off the list price.


Discounts are based on the type of agreement and the partner’s annual sales commitment level. The higher the commitment, the higher the discount we can offer. Contact us for more information on discounts and tier levels.

Co-Marketing Programs

We will work with you on a joint go to market program which includes digital promotion (e.g., blog, social media, website), sales training, sales tools (e.g., datasheet, presentation), and sales support.

Contact Us

To learn more about the partner program, including integration options and APIs, please schedule a meeting with our team.

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