Why Wordly Audio Translation

15 reasons to select Wordly for all of your meeting and event audio translation, captioning, and transcription needs.

3 Million People Use Wordly Audio Translation


Proven Solution - Used by over 3 million people at 1,500+ organizations worldwide.


Easy - AI-powered Audio Translation does not require human interpreters or special equipment which eliminates scheduling and logistical challenges. Attendees don’t need to create an account or download anything - they join a session via their personal device (phone, tablet, or computer) using a QR code or url.


Budget Friendly - Wordly Audio Translation does not require human interpreters which makes it less expensive to deliver and more affordable for you. With our All in One Pricing, you get dozens of  languages for one low price.


Extensive Languages - You get live audio translation into dozens of languages - including the top international business languages, for a total of over 2,000 language pairs. Each attendee can select their preferred language.


High Quality - We regularly test audio translation accuracy and tune the engine to ensure high quality output. We also make sure the entire process works smoothly for meeting hosts, presenters, and attendees.


Multiple Outputs - You get translated audio, captions, and audio transcription all included for one affordable price.


Customizable Glossaries and Blocklists - Manage audio translations for company and industry specific terminology, including names of people, products and organizations. Block undesired terms such as profanity from the translation output.


Highly Scalable - You can have up to 100,000 audio translation users per session. Wordly has successfully powered over 400 million translation minutes and 80,000+ meetings and events.


Versatile Formats - Use for in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings and events as well as webinars and on-demand videos.


Always Available - Access on-demand live translation 24/7, from anywhere. AI-powered translation never gets tired and never needs a break so you can run your event as long as necessary.


Flexible Integrations - Use Wordly with any video, streaming, or conference platform - including Cvent, Stova, vFairs, Teams, and Zoom.


Focused Team - We specialize in AI-powered audio translation solutions and have a team of technology and language services experts who are committed to providing the best solution possible.


Personalized Support - Every new account is assigned a Customer Success Manager to ensure a smooth onboarding process.


Easy To Buy - Flexible pricing enables you to purchase the amount of audio translation you need. You can buy by the event, or purchase an annual subscription and save 20% or more.


Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are unhappy with our service, we will provide a refund.

Wordly Translation Tips

What is Audio Translation?
Audio translation is the process of converting spoken words in an audio or video recording from one language into another. The goal of audio translation is to make the content of the audio recording accessible to people who speak a different language. Audio translation is often done by professional linguists who are fluent in both the source and target languages - but increasingly organizations are using AI translation since it is easier to deploy and less expensive. 

There are several benefits to audio translation, including:

  • Improved accessibility: Audio translation makes audio presentations accessible to people who speak a different language, allowing them to understand the content.
  • Increased audience reach: By translating audio into multiple languages, you can reach a wider audience and increase the potential impact of the content.
  • Enhanced cultural understanding: Audio translation can help to promote cultural understanding by making it possible for people from different backgrounds to access and understand audio content from other cultures.
  • Increased business opportunities: For businesses operating in a global market, audio translation can help to expand their reach and open up new market opportunities.
  • Legal compliance: In some countries, audio translation may be required by law to make audio content accessible to people with disabilities or to meet language-access requirements.
  • Better user experience: Audio translation can enhance the user experience by allowing people to access audio content in their preferred language, making it more enjoyable and engaging.
Translation and Interpretation Research - event interpretation increases inclusivity

 Translation and Interpretation Usage Trends

65% of event planners say offering translation is a great way to increase inclusivity - and 72% expect an increase in the number of multilingual meetings. But only 33% use translation to address language barriers. Learn the top barriers, benefits, and solutions for offering live translation in this comprehensive research report.

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