Translation Apps Make Real-time Translation Easier

A translation app enables you to use your phone as a portable device for managing translations from one language to another. A common use case is translating, also commonly referred to as interpreting, from one spoken language into another. There are many translation apps available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. While most of these apps are designed for one-to-one translation, there are some apps that are specially designed to manage voice translations from one language to many in real-time. These apps are great for use in multilingual meetings and conferences where attendees may speak multiple languages.

The Wordly Translation App

The Wordly Translation App is designed to work with the Wordly Simultaneous Interpretation Platform. The Wordly App runs on Android (6.0 or later) or iOS (11.0 or later) and is used for presenters. Attendees use a browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge, on any device where the browser runs. You can download the apps here:

Wordly App Available in the Google Play storeWordly App Available in the Apple store

The Wordly Platform and translation app are designed to make meetings, webinars, conferences, and training sessions more productive and inclusive by enabling participants to listen or read along in real-time in the language they prefer. Participants can choose from 20+ language interpretation options. The translation app enables participants to take advantage of real-time translations on-demand, 24/7.

Translation and Interpretation Research - event interpretation increases inclusivity

 Translation and Interpretation Usage Trends

65% of event planners say offering translation is a great way to increase inclusivity - and 72% expect an increase in the number of multilingual meetings. But only 33% use translation to address language barriers. Learn the top barriers, benefits, and solutions for offering live translation in this comprehensive research report.

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