Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a summary of the most common questions people ask about Wordly.

Wordly FAQs

What languages does Wordly support? Wordly translates speakers into 50+ languages with over 2,000 language pair options. See the list of languages Wordly supports.

Can Wordly understand different speaker accents? Yes. Wordly can understand different speaker accents. Wordly datasets are trained using speakers from different countries that commonly speak the selected language.

How does simultaneous interpretation work? Wordly provides simultaneous interpretation into 50+ languages using Artificial Intelligence. There are no human interpreters involved in the process. See how it works

How many Wordly users can I have? Wordly currently supports up to 100,000 simultaneous users for each individual session.

How do meeting organizers create a Wordly session? A meeting organizer schedules a Wordly session ahead of time through the Wordly Portal or creates a session in the Wordly App. Creating a session generates an access code for speakers and presenters.

How do attendees join a Wordly session? The meeting organizer shares the access code with presenters and attendees. Attendees join using their mobile phone or computer.

What devices does Wordly run on? The Wordly App runs on Android (6.0 or later) or iOS (11.0 or later). This is the app used for presenters. Attendees use a browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Presenters can also join via their browser at

Can participants change the language they want to listen in? Yes. While in the session, attendees can change to any of the supported languages at any time, without exiting the session.

Can multiple people speak in different languages in a Wordly session? Yes. Wordly supports speakers using different languages in the same session. Each speaker can speak in their own language.

How can I change the presenter's language during a meeting? The host or speaker makes the change in the presenter app. It only takes 2-3 seconds to make the change. Selecting the correct input language is very important to ensure quality output. See instructions here.

Can Wordly save a text transcript of a session? Yes, the meeting organizer can optionally choose to save a transcript of the session. Transcripts can be downloaded in several formats, with or without timestamps, including the captioning-compatible webVTT format.

Can Wordly add closed captions to a video conference? Contact our sales team for more information about integration with 3rd party platforms.

Does Wordly work with Teams? Cvent? Zoom? Wordly works with all major meeting and event platforms - as well as standalone for in-person events. We have worked with dozens of event services companies, including Encore and Freeman. See all of the Wordly partner options.

Is there a limit on the number of languages that can be used per Wordly session? No. Attendees can use all 50+ languages supported by Wordly in the same session.

What is the time lag for Wordly translations to appear? Translated captions will be displayed almost instantaneously after the speaker starts talking.

What equipment is required to support Wordly? Because Wordly is powered by AI, you do not need any special sound booths or headsets. Attendees will use their personal mobile phone, tablet, or computer - along with their headset. Organizers can also display captions in multiple languages on a monitor next to the stage or as an overlay on the presentation.

Does Wordly offer sign language or ASL services? Wordly does not offer sign language or ASL solutions. Wordly provides live captioning which enables attendees to follow presentations in real time by reading the text in the language of their choice. The text can be displayed on their phone, computer, or large displays.

How much does Wordly cost? Wordly Pricing is based on the size of the package which includes the number of hours and attendees.

Does Wordly offer discounts? Wordly offers volume discounts as well as discounts for nonprofits, NGOs, and educational institutions.

What is the quality level of Wordly? Wordly provides very high quality that is consistent across sessions. We do extensive testing to ensure translation and captioning quality is high, and there is very low latency.

Does Wordly support in-person events? Wordly supports in-person events - along with virtual and hybrid events - as well as webinars. Wordly also can create subtitle files for on-demand videos.

How does Wordly handle multiple speakers in one session? Yes you can have multiple speakers - and each speaker can talk in a different language.

Can you create a glossary of terms with Wordly? Yes you can create a large customized glossary of terms unique to your organization and event. This helps ensure names of people and products, as well as industry buzzwords are all translated the way you want.

How long does Wordly setup take? The initial onboarding is accomplished through a 30 minute session led by the Wordly customer success team. You can set up individual Wordly sessions in less than 5 minutes. Attendees can join a Wordly session in seconds.

What is the maximum number of Wordly attendees? Wordly currently supports up to 100,000 simultaneous users for each individual session.

How many languages does Wordly support? Wordly supports over 50 languages for both speakers and attendees.

Does Wordly provide audio output? Wordly provides both audio and text / caption output enabling attendees to listen and / or read.

Does Wordly offer human interpreters? Wordly is 100% AI powered which makes it easy to deploy and very affordable.

Are there any humans involved in the Wordly product? The Wordly service is a SaaS solution which operates in the cloud, and is powered by AI vs human interpreters. Wordly uses humans to write out software, do extensive quality testing, and provide customer onboarding and support.

What support does Wordly offer? Wordly provides a wide range of support options to help customers get onboarding and run their events.

Can I buy less than 10 hours of Wordly at a time? Our current minimum package is for 10 hours which you can use across multiple events for 12 months from the date of purchase.

What type of voice is used for Wordly? Wordly uses natural sounding voices to make the attendee experience enjoyable, even during long presentations.

Can you add captions to videos with Wordly? Wordly enables you to add captions and subtitles to videos in all 50+ supported Wordly languages. This is in addition to supporting live events.

What are the on-site equipment requirements for Wordly? Since Wordly is powered by AI, there are not any special sound booth or headset requirements. Wordly connects directly into the AV system via an audio cable into an internet device (tablet or computer) used to log into the Wordly system. Setup takes less than 5 minutes per room / stage.

Has Wordly worked with medical conferences? Wordly has worked with a wide range of industries, including medical, financial services, and technology. The Wordly customizable glossary makes it easy for you to create a list of people, products, and industry terms you want to ensure are translated accurately.

Does Wordly provide global support? Wordly can support customers anywhere in the world. We have over 1,000 organizations using us in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Can Wordly provide onsite support? Wordly can provide onsite support to help with event set up and event management.

Does Wordly support SSO? Yes we support Single Sign On authentication.

Does Wordly offer CART captioning? Wordly does not offer CART captioning. We do offer live captioning powered by AI in 50+ languages, including the language the speaker is using. This provides a solution which enables attendees to read captions in real time during live presentations.

Does Wordly work for webinars? Wordly works for webinars along with any type of in-person, virtual, or hybrid format.

Can Wordly translate the session transcript? Wordly can provide transcripts in 50+ languages for every session.

Do users need to download an app or create an account to use Wordly? Wordly end users (meeting and event attendees) do not need to download anything or create an account. They access the session by scanning a QR code with their phone - or visiting a URL with their computer.

How secure is Wordly? We built the Wordly platform with enterprise class security and privacy controls so it can work across all industries and use cases.

Does Wordly work for on-demand sessions? Wordly can be used to add captions and subtitles to on-demand content.

Does Wordly offer Mandarin? Wordly supports over 50 languages, including Mandarin.

Can Wordly translate text documents? At this time Wordly only works with audio input.

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