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Wordly FAQs

Can wordly understand different speaker accents?

Yes. Wordly can understand different speaker accents. Wordly datasets are trained using speakers from different countries that commonly speak the selected language.

How does simultaneous interpretation work? Can I really have unlimited participants?

Wordly provides simultaneous interpretation into 30+ languages entirely through Artificial Intelligence. There are no human interpreters involved in the process. As a result, Wordly is always available in the languages you need and can scale to as large an event as you need both in terms of number of participants and number of simultaneous sessions.

How do meeting organizers create a Wordly session? How do participants participate?

A meeting organizer schedules a Wordly session ahead of time through the Wordly Portal or creates a session as needed in the Wordly App. Creating a session generates a presentation code. The meeting organizer then gives participants a link and a presentation code for the session.

What devices does Wordly run on?

The Wordly App runs on Android (6.0 or later) or iOS (11.0 or later). This is the app used for presenters. Attendees use a browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge, on any device where the browser runs.

Can participants change the language they want to listen in?

Yes. While in the session, attendees can change to any of the supported languages at any time, without exiting the session.

Can multiple people speak in different languages in a Wordly session?

Yes. Wordly supports speakers using different languages in the same session. Each speaker can speak in their own language.

How can I change presenter language during a meeting?

The host or speaker must manually instruct Wordly to expect to hear and capture the language to be spoken. This is crucial for accurate transcription and translation. See precise instructions here.

Can Wordly save a transcript of a session?

Yes, the meeting organizer can optionally choose to save a transcript of the session. Transcripts can be downloaded in several formats, with or without timestamps, including the captioning-compatible webVTT format.

Can Wordly add closed captions to a video conference? Do you integrate with Zoom or WebEx?

Contact our sales team for more information about integration with 3rd party platforms.

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