AI Captioning and Subtitling

Provide live AI captions and subtitles translated into dozens of languages at in-person and virtual meetings, events, and webinars.

AI captioning, also known as live translation, is the process of taking audio and simultaneously converting it into text in real-time. The advantage of live AI captioning is it can be used to enhance the user experience for meetings, conferences, training, and a wide range of other event types.

AI captioning is best when offered as an addition to audio so the attendee has the option of selecting audio only, live captions only, or both. This provides the most flexibility for meeting participants and helps maximize attendee learning and engagement.

An example of AI captioning is shown below in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

English, Spanish, and Japanese Translation

Wordly AI Captioning

Wordly translation software provides real-time translation into dozens of  languages through a SaaS based AI-powered platform which eliminates the need for human interpreters. Wordly provides an enhanced version of live AI captioning enabling attendees to read along in the language of their choice. The output is a high-quality translation available in both audio and text format. AI captioning comes standard with Wordly - there is no additional charge. 

Presenters speak in their preferred language and participants can follow along using their computer, tablet, or smartphone; in-person or remote.

Wordly AI captioning works with a wide range of conference platforms and video conferencing tools to provide Zoom interpretation and Teams translation.

Wordly can also add captions and translated subtitles to videos and on-demand content.

Wordly Translation Tips

What is AI Captioning?
Live AI captioning is used in a wide range of settings, including business meetings, TV broadcasts, live events, webinars, and court proceedings. It is also used in educational settings to make classroom lectures and presentations more accessible to students.

Live captioning has many benefits, including improved accessibility, improved comprehension, enhanced user experience, and improved engagement. It is an important tool for breaking down barriers to access and making audio content more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

AI technology makes the process easier and more affordable than relying on humans to manage the captioning process. AI can also process dozens of languages at once vs hiring one translator per language.

AI Captioning Makes Meetings More Engaging

Live Captioning Benefits

AI Captioning enables attendees to read captions in their preferred language.

Live Captioning Example

Wordly offers AI Captioning in dozens of languages and also provides audio with natural voices as a standard option.

Live Translation Datasheet

DATASHEET - Wordly Platform Overview

Review the features of the Wordly translation platform which provides live translation for audio and captions into dozens of languages.

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