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Make your meetings and events more inclusive, accessible, and engaging with translation services. Wordly makes it easy and affordable to offer live AI translation services for every type of event.

Wordly Works Great For Any Use Case

 -  HR Training  -  Employee Onboarding  -  Operational Reviews  -  Engineering Stand-ups  -  Company All Hands  -  Sales Kickoffs  -  Religious Services  -  City Council Meetings  -  Government Town Halls  -  Association Meetings  -  Non-profit Meetings  -  Industry Conferences  -  User Groups  -  Partner Training  -  Customer Webinars

 -  HR Training  -  Employee Onboarding  -  Operational Reviews  -  Engineering Stand-ups  -  Company All Hands  -  Sales Kickoffs  -  Religious Services  -  City Council Meetings  -  Government Town Halls  -  Association Meetings  -  Non-profit Meetings  -  Industry Conferences  -  User Groups  -  Partner Training  -  Customer Webinars

Wordly is used across a wide range of industries, including technology, professional services, financial services, healthcare, non-profit organizations, industry associations, and local governments.

The Wordly platform can support the translation services needs of any industry and includes a custom glossary feature which enables businesses to define terms unique to their organization and industry - including individual names and product names.

Wordly is powered by AI and provides an easy and affordable solution to human language translators. You can use it for live translation and video translation.

One Translation Services Solution
For All Your Meetings and Events

Wordly is used for a wide range of event formats, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid. Organizations use Wordly translation services for both internal and external audiences - some examples include:

Global Communication Challenges

Organizations around the world spend large sums of money planning internal meetings and external events - but their return on investment is significantly reduced when attendees can't effectively communicate with each other due to language barriers. Some turn to human interpreters, but most don't have the time to organize or budget to spend for this option.

So how do you enable a group of people who speak different native languages to easily communicate with each other - without breaking your budget?

Wordly Translation Services Solution

Wordly uses AI Translation to deliver high quality, easy to implement, and affordable live translation into dozens of international business languages. Live translation makes events more inclusive, engaging, and productive for everyone. This leads to increased attendance at industry events; higher customer satisfaction; and higher employee retention.

Wordly Translation Tips

What are Translation Services?
Translation services are professional services that involve the conversion of written or spoken content from one language into another. Translation services can include a wide range of activities, including document translation, website localization, voice translation, video translation, and more.

Translation services can be used in a wide range of applications, including business, legal, medical, academic, and personal contexts. They are an important tool for breaking down language barriers and making communication more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Translation services can be performed manually by human translators, or through the use of machine translation software. Machine translation software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and translate text in real-time and is usually less expensive and easier to implement.

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