Teams Translation with Wordly

Add live Microsoft Teams translation and captions into dozens of languages to your meetings.

Microsoft Teams Translation and Captioning

Experience real-time Teams translation and Teams captioning for all of your meetings and events. Wordly processes audio from your Microsoft Teams meetings in real-time and translates what is being said into dozens of languages simultaneously. The meeting participants select the language they prefer.

The Teams meeting host starts a Wordly translation session that meeting attendees can join. Attendees do not need a Wordly account and are not charged for translation minutes when joining a meeting. Only the meeting host needs a Wordly account.

Businesses use Microsoft Teams to enhance a wide range of meetings with live video and audio, including - sales kickoff meetings (SKOs); quarterly business reviews (QBRs); partner training; employee onboarding; HR information sessions; engineering stand-ups; and much more.

Wordly enables real-time multilingual collaboration by enabling attendees to listen to audio or read captions which increases inclusivity, engagement, and understanding. The AI-powered solution does not require human interpreters of special equipment which makes it easy to set up and significantly less expensive.

The Wordly Advantage

The Wordly Teams meeting interpretation is powered by a proven AI-based solution. The real-time translation platform is cloud based and provides a faster, easier, more cost effective solution for Teams meetings than legacy human interpretation services. 

Wordly is used by over 1,500 global companies and organizations and enables meeting participants to read along or listen to meeting presenters in their preferred language on their own computer or mobile device. 

Learn more about all features and pricing options by visiting the Pricing Page.

10 Reasons to Choose Wordly for Teams Translation

  1. Extensive language options
  2. Flexible event format support
  3. Seamless integrations
  4. Customizable glossaries
  5. Audio and Caption output
  6. Text transcripts
  7. High quality output
  8. Affordable pricing
  9. Personalized onboarding support
  10. Secure and scalable infrastructure

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