Wordly Support

Wordly offers a range of support options to ensure customer and partner success.

Wordly is committed to ensuring customer success - from onboarding to pre-event, in-event, and post-event support. The table below summarizes the options for each type of request.

Wordly Offers a Range of Support Options Depending on Your Needs

Describe YourselfSupport Options

Not a Wordly Customer or Partner Yet

If you are not a Wordly customer and want to learn more about how it works:

New Wordly Customer or Partner and Want to Get Started

If you recently became a Wordly customer or partner and need help getting started:

Ongoing Wordly Customer or Partner Running an Event

If you are getting ready to run an event, or actively running an event and need help:

Wordly Customer and Need to Purchase More Minutes or Order Video Subtitling

If you want to buy additional items, contact your Wordly Rep or select one of these options:

Want Updates on Wordly Products and New Features

If you want to receive regular updates about Wordly:

3 Options to Explore Wordly Further