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Meeting Interpretation

Unlock the full potential of your global team with meeting interpretation.

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Conference Interpretation

Increase attendance and engagement with conference interpretation.

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Webinar Interpretation

Make all participants feel included with webinar interpretation.

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Training Interpretation

Improve learning and retention with training interpretation.

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City Council Interpretation

Increase citizen participation with city council meeting interpretation.

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Zoom Interpretation

Improve participation and learning with Zoom meeting interpretation.

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Over 500 Businesses Trust Wordly For
Interpretation Services

Over 500 Businesses Trust Wordly For
Interpretation Services

Wordly By The Numbers

Wordly powers multilingual meetings and events worldwide.

1 Million
Translation Users

30 Thousand
Translation Sessions

80 Million
Translation Minutes

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The New Way to Provide Interpretation Services

Interpretation Challenges

Global Interpretation

Meetings and events are unproductive when the presenter speaks in a language different than the attendees prefer.

Legacy Solutions

Interpretation Solutions

Legacy human-powered interpretation services are expensive and logistically complicated, limiting their use to big budget organizations.

Wordly Platform

AI Interpretation

Wordly solved the problem with an AI-powered interpretation platform - providing a fast, easy, and affordable solution.

Compare Wordly To Human Interpreters

Save 50% or More with Wordly

WordlyHuman Interpreters

Fast, Easy, Affordable


On-Demand, 24/7


Audio + Live Captioning





AI-Powered, SaaSNone

Set-up Time


Planning Logistics


Special Hardware

NoneHeadset + Sound Booth for Interpreters


High, ConsistentHigh, Variable

Average Cost

$100 - $150 Per Hour
Includes 20+ Languages
$100 - $200 Per Hour
Includes 1 Language

Sample Event Cost -
5 hours, 5 languages

(Save 80%)

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