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Live Translation and Captions

You get 4 products for the price of 1. No matter what translation output you need, Wordly AI Translation has you covered. 

Translate speakers into audio or subtitles - or offer same language captions. Create translated transcripts.

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Wordly Live Translations and Captions

All Event Formats

Whether your meeting is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, Wordly AI Translation can provide high quality, affordable on-demand translation and captions.

One solution does it all.

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Translation Formats

Video Captioning and Subtitling

Translate videos into 30 languages with captions and subtitles.

Expand the use of webinars, training sessions, product demos, and other on-demand assets to a global audience.

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Video Translation and Subtitles

Extensive Translation Languages

Select from over 700 translation language pairs, including the top 30 international business languages.

Presenters and Attendees can each select their preferred languages.

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Translation Languages

Flexible Integration Options

Add live AI Translation to any event management, webinar, or video conference platform.

Wordly works with all major solutions including Cvent, Zoom, 6Connex, vFairs, and

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Wordly Flexible Integration Options

Enterprise Security and Privacy

Ensure your data is secure and private. Wordly meets compliance requirements like SOC 2, follows industry best practices, and offers single sign on (SSO), secure session ids, and local data storage options.

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Wordly Security

High Quality Translation

Wordly delivers high quality translation output at an affordable price. We do extensive testing and ongoing optimization to ensure high accuracy for every language we offer.

You also get access to our 3X-Powered Translation Glossary which enables you to ensure company and industry specific names and terms are translated exactly how you want them.

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Translation Quality

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What is AI Translation?
AI translation, also known as machine translation, is a form of language translation that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically translate text from one language into another. AI translation works by using machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of text data in multiple languages and learn the relationships between words and phrases. The algorithms then use this information to translate new text in real-time.

There are several different approaches to AI translation, including rule-based translation, statistical machine translation, and neural machine translation. AI translation has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate and translate language, making it easier for people to understand and communicate with one another across language barriers. 

There are many benefits to AI translation, including lower cost, easier setup, and on-demand access without the need for human interpreters or special equipment.

Translation News

AI Translation Features & Wordly Updates

Wordly 3.0 Introduces New Era for Live AI Translation
Wordly Adds Natural Sounding Voice Translation
MPI Selects Wordly as Global Translation Partner
Take Control of Translation Quality With Glossary Boost, Block, and Replace.
Wordly Launches Captioning and Subtitling Services for On-Demand Videos
Wordly Adds Translation Blocklist Feature
Wordly Expands Platform Capacity to 30,000+ Simultaneous Translation Users
New Research Into Use of Translation and Interpretation by Meeting and Event Planners
Wordly Launches Interpretation Platform Enhancements Making it Easier to Manage Large Events
Wordly Hits Significant Milestone with One Million Users of AI-Powered Translation
Wordly Partners With AIPC To Develop Next Gen Conferencing Technologies
Wordly Wins PCMA CL 22 Best Event Solution With Real-time Translation Platform

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"The AI of wordy is great. It learnt as it typed. Clients and delegates could see it change and correct automatically where as other automated services don't offer this..."

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"An amazing application!"

"The number of available languages, with Wordly working to increase this number constantly.  They are also constantly improving the platform and the capabilities available to its users..."

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"Quality interpretation with high satisfaction scores."

"The ease of implementation, high audience satisfaction scores, and cost savings..."

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