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Real-Time Translation

Wordly provides real-time translation of speakers into audio and captions for dozens of languages at in-person and virtual meetings and events. Wordly is powered by AI versus human interpreters, making it fast, easy and affordable to collaborate across multiple languages at once.

Real-Time Translation Makes Events More Inclusive, Accessible, and Engaging

Wordly provides real-time translation and captions into 50+ languages and 2,000+ language pairs for attendees at in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings, events, & on-demand videos. Wordly is powered by AI and does not require human interpreters or special equipment - making it faster, easier, and more affordable to use. Output options include translated audio, subtitles, and transcripts; as well as same language captioning. Attendees access Wordly with their mobile phone or computer, can select their preferred output language, and whether they want to read captions or listen to audio.

Wordly enables organizations to unlock the potential of their multilingual teams and global markets by removing language and communication barriers - increasing inclusivity, accessibility, engagement, productivity, and attendance. Wordly is used by over 1,000 organizations and 2 million users for a wide range of use cases, including industry conferences, customer webinars, sales kickoff meetings, partner training, employee onboarding, and much more. Customers include small and large businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations, industry associations, universities, religious organizations, and local governments.

The New Way to Provide Real-Time Translation

Translation Challenge

Real-Time Translation - Translation Challenge

Most organizations are global with a wide range of multilingual constituents, including employees, customers, partners, vendors, members, and citizens.

This creates a big communication challenge since the language spoken at meetings and events is often not the preferred language for the audience - leading to lower productivity, higher costs, lack of inclusion, and reduced participation.

Legacy Solution

Real-Time Translation - Legacy Solution

The multilingual translation problem is often solved by using human interpreters, which is a good option for events planned months in advance and supported by large budgets and teams.

But the logistical challenges and cost of human interpreters make this option unattractive for most organizations.

Wordly Solution

Real-Time Translation - Wordly Solution

Wordly solved the problem by developing the industry's first AI-powered remote simultaneous translation platform - providing a fast, easy, and affordable solution for today's global, multilingual, virtual world.

The Wordly platform captures the speakers’ audio, processes it via a secure cloud infrastructure, and translates in real-time into dozens of languages.

How Real-Time Translation Works

Wordly provides AI-powered real-time translation through a SaaS platform which does not require human interpreters - making it faster, easier, and more affordable to manage multilingual collaboration.

Presenters speak in their preferred language and participants read or listen in their preferred languages; using their computer, tablet, or smartphone; in-person or remote.

How Wordly Works

2 Million Real-Time Translation Users Worldwide

Wordly launched in 2019 and quickly made a big impact on the meetings and events market. Our easy to use, highly affordable real-time translation solution enabled business, associations, and a wide range of other organizations to make their sessions more inclusive and engaging. We engineered our solution to provide high quality translations - instantly scale to tens of thousands of users - and be seamless for attendees to use. This has enabled us to pass the 2 million user milestone in four years!

Wordly Team

Wordly corporate headquarters is based in Los Altos, California in the heart of Silicon Valley - about 40 miles south of San Francisco. The team consists of a diverse range of individuals who bring extensive industry knowledge and work experience in language services and SaaS businesses. Wordly provides a hybrid workplace with employees based in the San Francisco area and multiple countries around the world. Our mission is to make meetings and events more inclusive and engaging and we are actively recruiting across all functions to add more talented people who want to help us achieve our vision.

Wordly Management Team

Lakshman Rathnam, Founder, CEO
Innovator and product manager with expertise in human machine interfaces, acoustics and audio. Author of more than 25 patents.
Lakshman Rathnam
Experienced NLP, AI and ML expert in interactive systems; passionate about leading teams to deliver break-through products. Finalist for multiple industry awards.
Jim Firby
Experienced founder and executive leader. Successfully launched and grew multiple enterprise products.
Kirk Hendrickson
Marketing executive with extensive experience building high growth B2B SaaS and online businesses.
Dave Deasy

Wordly Translation Tips

What is Real-time Translation?
Real-time translation refers to the process of translating text or speech from one language into another in real-time, with minimal delay. Real-time translation is often used to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages and is typically performed by computer algorithms or human interpreters.

Real-time translation is used in a wide range of applications, including company meetings, industry conferences, video conferencing, live events, and customer support. It is an important tool for breaking down language barriers and facilitating cross-cultural communication.

Real-time translation has many benefits, including improved communication, increased understanding, enhanced collaboration, and improved accessibility. It is an important tool for breaking down language barriers and making communication more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Real-time Translation is Easy and Affordable

Live Captioning Benefits

Wordly makes Real-time Translation inexpensive by using AI versus human interpreters.

Live Captioning Example

Wordly makes Real-time Translation easy for meeting organizers and attendees.

Why Wordly Real-Time Translation is Better

Industry Problem
Organizations around the world spend large sums of money planning internal meetings and external events - but their return on investment is significantly reduced when attendees can't effectively communicate with each other due to language barriers. Some turn to human interpreters, but most don't have the time to organize or budget to spend for this option.

So how do you enable a group of people who speak different native languages to easily communicate with each other - without breaking your budget?

Wordly Real-time Translation Solution
Wordly uses AI Translation to deliver high quality, easy to implement, and affordable real-time translation into the most common international business languages. Live translation makes events more inclusive, engaging, and productive for everyone. This leads to increased attendance at industry events; higher customer satisfaction; and higher employee retention.

Wordly Makes Real-time Translation Easy
Organizers can schedule a real-time translation session in less than 5 minutes.

Presenters join a session by clicking a URL, and can speak in their preferred language.

Attendees join a session with our Translation App by scanning a QR code or visiting a url (provided by the meeting organizer), and selecting their preferred language. They can access real-time translated captions or audio almost instantaneously. Attendees use their phone for in-person events and their computer for virtual events. There is nothing to download and they don't need to create an account.

Wordly Makes Real-time Translation Affordable
Since Wordly uses AI, there are no human interpreters or special equipment involved. You get access to dozens of languages for about the cost of 1 interpreter. Pricing is based on usage, and discounts are offered for non-profits and education providers - making it work for budgets of all sizes.

Wordly Makes Real-time Translation Easy Flexible
Wordly is a comprehensive solution providing 4 products (real-time translated audio, captions, subtitles, and transcripts) and supporting 5 event formats (in-person, virtual, webinar, hybrid, and video) through our highly scalable, secure cloud network. You only need to purchase one solution to get access to everything.

Wordly Continuously Innovates Real-time Translation

  • Wordly 3.0 was introduced in early 2023 and added several game changing features - including:
  • Natural Sounding Voices to improve the audio experience
  • Customizable Glossaries to increase real-time translation quality;
  • Video Captioning to expand the use of on-demand content; Translated Transcripts to support the needs of global teams
  • Developer APIs to enable easy integration with leading event management platforms like Cvent and Zoom.

Wordly Real-time Translation Has Global Adoption
Wordly has been used by over 1,000 global organizations across all industries - including technology, financial services, healthcare, local governments, and nonprofits. Common use cases include industry conferences, association events, non-profit fundraisers, customer webinars, corporate town halls, sales kickoff events, city council meetings, and church services.

Wordly is used both standalone, as well as alongside all major video conferencing and event management platforms including Cvent, Zoom, vFairs, 6Connex, Stova, and many more.

Wordly has been used by over 2 million attendees - at over 50,000 sessions - for over 300 million minutes. We deployed our first AI event translation solution in 2019, long before anybody heard of Chat GPT. We have continuously enhanced our product based on customer feedback and provide the most innovative event tech product in the industry!

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