Webinar Translation

Translate webinar presenters into dozens of languages for employee, customer, and partner meetings. Translation output options include audio, captions, and webinar transcripts.

Make Webinars More Engaging and Inclusive with Webinar Translation

Webinars provide an efficient way to communicate a wide range of content, including customer demos, employee training, educational seminars, and much more. In addition to saving time and cost with travel, venue planning, and logistics, webinar and virtual conference organizers can attract the perfect keynote speakers who can better manage presentation schedules by presenting from their office. Covid has moved many events to a webinar / web conferencing format enabling people around the world to attend and attracting a broader international audience base who might otherwise be unable to attend the live conference, delivering a much greater global impact.

The one thing traditional web conferencing does not solve is multilingual collaboration. Wordly solves this problem with AI-powered webinar translation - providing a revolutionary solution that increases inclusivity and engagement by providing an affordable, on-demand, easy to use solution.

Now you can offer live webinar translation for all of your events. Wordly works alongside all major webinar platforms, including Cvent, Zoom, Teams, Webex, ON24, Webinar.net, and others.

Top Reasons to Offer Webinar Translation

In a translation benchmark research report conducted by Dimensional Research, 76% of meeting and event planners reported their use of translation at multilingual events is increasing. The top 3 business benefits to offering event translation included:

Reasons to offer webinar translation

Global Reach - Webinars have a global reach. Wordly gives webinars global appeal. Allow employees, customers, and partners to participate in their preferred language to develop a deeper relationship with them. Make attending your webinar more comfortable and enjoyable for all participants. 

Attendee Engagement - Live translation adds another layer of excitement to a webinar which delights and captivates online participants as it continuously renders transcripts before their eyes. This heightened engagement is crucial when it is so easy for participants to switch tabs and be distracted away from your webinar content.

Translated Transcripts - Automated translation transcripts can also be offered after the event as another way to stay engaged with your audience.

Automated Glossaries - Wordly enables you to create a custom glossary to help ensure important names and terms are translated correctly at your webinar.

Why Choose Wordly

Here are a few reasons Wordly is the best solution for webinar translation:

  1. Proven Solution - Used by over 3 million people at 1,500+ organizations worldwide.
  2. High Quality - We regularly test translation accuracy and tune the engine to ensure high quality output. We also make sure the entire process works smoothly for meeting hosts, presenters, and attendees.
  3. Highly Scalable - You can have up to 100,000 translation users per session. Wordly has successfully powered over 400 million translation minutes and 80,000+ meetings and events.

For more reasons why Wordly is your #1 choice for conference translation, see Why Wordly.

Wordly also supports multilingual Conference Translation. Increase attendance, engagement and inclusivity by allowing all conference participants to select their preferred language. Increase language accessibility and satisfaction for employees, prospects and customers.

Live Translation Datasheet

DATASHEET - Wordly Platform Overview

Review the features of the Wordly translation platform which provides live translation for audio and captions into dozens of languages.

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