Live Translation

Wordly provides live translation with an all-in-one platform. Translate speakers real-time into audio and captions for dozens of languages at in-person and virtual meetings and events.

The Wordly AI-powered live translation platform has four integrated modules providing a comprehensive multilingual meeting translation solution built to meet enterprise security, privacy, and collaboration standards.

AI Translation Engine - Wordly built a patented live translation solution that enables real-time, high quality translation into audio and captions - delivered in meaningful "chunks" to make it easy for participants to consume the information. The engine can provide simultaneous live translation into dozens of languages, allowing each participant to select their own translation language.

Admin Portal - The portal provides a centralized place to set up and manage new live translation sessions. You have easy access to upcoming sessions, account balance, and the ability to instantly add more translation minutes to your account. The portal also provides the ability to create a custom translation glossary and access translation transcripts.

Platform Integrations - Wordly works alongside all video and event management platforms. Contact us to find out your options and best practice tips for the platforms you are using.

Attendee Hub - Attendees can quickly join a live translation session via a QR code or url using their computer, mobile device, or translation app. They do not need to create a Wordly account or download anything to access live translation and captions.

Wordly Live Translation Language Options

Wordly offers real-time simultaneous live translation and live captioning into dozens of languages - and supports over a dozen speaker language options. That equates to over 2,000 language interpretation pairs!

Check to see if we cover the language translation pairs you are looking for. We regularly add new languages so if you don’t see a language, contact us and we will let you know about upcoming language translation additions.



...Chinese (Simplified)...

...Chinese (Traditional)...



...English (AU) + English (US) + English (UK)...

...French (FR) + French (CA)...




...Indonesian (Bahasa)...





...Portuguese (PT) + Portuguese (BR)...



...Spanish (ES) + Spanish (MX)...







Wordly Live Translation Capabilities

In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid Formats

Use Wordly live translation for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events - including webinars.

On-Demand, 24/7 Access

Since Wordly does not rely on human interpreters, it is always available. Setting up a new event and inviting participants only takes a few minutes.

Fast and Easy Set-up

Setting up a live translation session only takes a few minutes - and does not require any IT involvement. New customers are assigned a customer success program manager to review the setup process.

Flexible Pricing

Wordly provides live translation into dozens of languages for one affordable price. It is a cloud based solution you purchase with an annual subscription, similar to an event platform.

Unlike human interpreters, you don’t pay extra for every additional language you want to offer. Pricing is based on the number of hours and attendees. You can buy for an individual event, or purchase an annual subscription for ongoing use across your company - easily saving 50% or more versus human interpreters.

Highly Scalable

Wordly works great for 2 to 100,000+ attendees. Pricing is based on the number of people who actually use the translation option. Since you get all Wordly languages for one affordable price, you don’t need to worry about which languages the event attendees will want to use prior to the event.

Streamlined Scheduling

Wordly does not rely on human interpreters so you do not need to worry about scheduling translators for your event. You can turn Wordly on instantly.

Audio + Live Captioning

Attendees have the option of listening to live audio or reading live captions - providing a very flexible learning environment. Both the audio and captions are available in dozens of languages.

CART Captioning

Wordly does not offer CART, but we do offer live captioning and subtitling which provides a high quality and affordable caption solution. Attendees can read captions in real time by scanning a QR code on their phone or visiting our website on their computer. Organizers can also display live captions on a monitor next to the stage - or as an overlay on the main presentation screen.

Translated Transcripts

Full session transcripts, translated into dozens of languages, are available after every live translation session. The meeting host decides who has access to the transcripts. These provide documentation which can help meet audit requirements or provide attendees with post event notes to reference.

Glossary Boost, Block, Replace

Customizable and reusable glossaries enable you to Boost, Block, and Replace phrases unique to your company and industry. Store up to 3,000 phrases and share across your organization.

High Quality Translation

The live translation quality of Wordly is excellent and reflected by our large and growing customer base. We passed the 2 million user milestone - and have over 1,000 global customers. We regularly test the audio and caption output to make sure the live translation quality is high - and also have developed custom user interfaces to ensure the organizer setup and attendee experience is very easy to use.

Robust Technology

The Wordly platform is SaaS-based and runs in a secure, highly scalable cloud environment. Wordly has powered over 300 million live translation minutes and over 50,000 live translation sessions.

Extensive Platform Integrations

Wordly works with all major conference and video platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cvent, Stova, and many more.

No Special Hardware Requirements

Wordly does not require a sound booth or special headsets for attendees. Attendees can join with their personal mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Enterprise SSO Access

You can configure Wordly to work with your corporate single sign-on infrastructure for added security and convenience.

Enterprise Security

The Wordly Trusted AI Translation Framework provides the easiest, most affordable, and most secure way to make meetings more language inclusive and accessible. The framework includes our SOC 2 Type 2 security achievement, ongoing commitment to preventing customer data from being used to train speech recognition and translation models, and other optional security features.

Comprehensive Support

Wordly is committed to ensuring customer success - from onboarding to pre-event, in-event, and post-event support. We provide personalized onboarding sessions led by an experienced Wordly support rep along with extensive online support guides. We can also provide remote and onsite event support to supplement your team.

Wordly Translation Tips

What is Live Translation?
Live translation refers to the process of converting spoken words from one language into another in real-time. Live translation is often used to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages.

Live translation is used in a wide range of settings, including international conferences, business meetings, medical appointments, and legal proceedings. It is an important tool for breaking down language barriers and facilitating cross-cultural communication. Live translation has many benefits, including improved communication, increased understanding, enhanced collaboration, and improved accessibility. It is an important tool for breaking down language barriers and making communication more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Live translation is either performed by a trained interpreter who listens to the speaker in one language and provides an oral translation in the target language - or with an AI-powered translation app or translation software. Human interpreters require specialized equipment, such as interpretation booths and headphones, which makes them cost prohibitive for many organizations.

How Live Translation Makes Events Better

Live Translation Benefits

Make meetings better with Live Translation.

Live Translation Portal

Manage Live Translation sessions from the Wordly portal.

Live Translation Datasheet

DATASHEET - Wordly Platform Overview

Review the features of the Wordly translation platform which provides live translation for audio and captions into dozens of languages.

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