Translation Promotion Guide

Tips and tools to let your audience know you are making your meetings and events language accessible by offering live translation and captions.

Wordly Live Translation and Captions

We look forward to bringing live translation (audio and captions) to your in-person events and virtual meetings. Offering translation is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Promoting the use of translation before an event can help increase attendance by letting people know it will be language accessible and appealing to a global audience. Providing information at the event helps ensure users can easily access the translation.

This guide provides tips and tools for activities you can do both before and during your event to promote offering translation.

Pre-Event Promotion

Let potential attendees and confirmed registrants know you will be offering live translation for no additional charge at the event. In addition to providing attendees with language options, offering captions is an effective alternative to ASL (American Sign Language) which is important for many attendees. Tip - Attendees will not need to download anything or create an account to use Wordly. All they need is access to their phone or computer (and a standard headset with microphone if they want to use audio at in-person events).

Wordly works for both in-person and virtual meetings - so make sure you let attendees know if you are offering translation for all formats.

You can promote the availability of translation on your website, event registration pages, emails, social posts, and apps.

Sample image and text to promote translation.

This is a Language Accessible Event
We are offering live translation into audio and captions for 30 languages at the event for no extra charge
to make it language-accessible to everyone. Attendees access translation with their phone or computer.

At-Event Promotion

Remind attendees that you are providing live translation and captions at the event. The most important information to share with attendees is the QR Code and URL which attendees will use to access translation at each session.

Accessing Attendee QR Codes and Links

  • The meeting host / organizer can access the Attendee QR Code and URL for each session in the “Sessions” tab of the Wordly Portal. Depending on how many sessions you have, you may have multiple QR Codes and URLs to share. We recommend using the same QR Code / URL for each session held in the same room to simplify attendee communications. If you have any questions about this, contact your Wordly representative.

In-person Event Communication

  • Place Signs or Flyers at the registration check-in
  • Place Signs at the entrance to every session room
  • Include one Slide at the start of the event - and each session presentation - review instructions on how attendees can access translation
  • Add to the event app

Virtual Event Communication

  • Include one Slide at the start of the event - and each session presentation - review instructions on how attendees can access translation
  • Add to the event app

Communication Samples

Sample signs, flyers, and presentation slides are provided below.

Main Stage Digital Display (MPI WEC)

Sign for In-Person Session Rooms (IMEX America Conference)

Flyer for Registration Desk (MPI WEC Conference)

Instructions for Presentation Slide (Download from Wordly Portal)

Wordly Translation Instructions

Translation Instruction Slide at In-Person Event (Flip Conference)

Translation Instructions for Virtual Event (Modesto City Council)

Presenter Script - Recommended Instructions to Read with the Slide

  • We are providing live translation and captions for this session today powered by Wordly.
  • To access with your phone, scan the QR code on the slide with your camera. To access with your computer, visit the URL from your computer.
  • Select your translation language from the drop-down list, enter your name, and click Join.
  • You will be able to read captions - or listen to audio when you plug in your headphones.
  • You can change the language at any time.
  • Please note that while AI translation is very accurate, you may occasionally see some words that are not translated correctly.

About Wordly

Wordly provides real-time translation and captions into 30+ languages for attendees at in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings, events, and on-demand videos. Output options include audio, subtitles, and transcripts. Each attendee can select their own language and join using their mobile phone or computer.

Powered by AI, Wordly does not require human interpreters or special equipment - making it faster, easier, and more affordable to use. Wordly enables organizations to unlock the potential of their multilingual teams and global markets by removing language barriers - increasing inclusivity, engagement, productivity, and attendance.

Wordly is used by over 800 organizations and 2 million users for a wide range of use cases, including industry conferences, customer webinars, sales kickoff meetings, partner training, employee onboarding, and much more. Customers include small and large businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations, industry associations, and local governments.


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