Zoom Interpretation

Unlock the full potential of your global team with real-time interpretation for your Zoom webinars and meetings.

"The new Wordly AI-based real-time translation for all attendees is an excellent example of Zoom enabling more powerful unified communications. Zoom and Wordly enhance productivity, inclusivity, and understanding."
Ross Mayfield, Product Lead Zoom Apps and Integrations for Zoom

Wordly supports all your Zoom interpretation needs.

Virtual Meetings

Maximize inclusivity, participation and meeting productivity with real-time interpretation. Help your team members understand quickly, effortlessly and fully. Invite your global teammates to offer their insights and contributions immediately, clearly, and easily.

Automated transcripts enhance note taking and knowledge transfer - especially for visual learners.


Wordly integrates with Zoom along with other popular meeting platforms. Wordly is available 24x7 and sets up sessions in seconds.

Wordly mobile apps enable each attendee to read along and listen along in their preferred language on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Zoom App

The Wordly App for Zoom is available in the Zoom App Marketplace.

Wordly leverages newly-expanded API's within Zoom Apps to enable fully-integrated, user-friendly AI-based real-time translation. Participants can speak and follow along in their preferred language from inside the Zoom user interface.

Wordly Zoom Launch Partner
Zoom Translation Guide

Zoom Translation Guide - Wordly App for Zoom

Multilingual webinars and online meetings are more productive when people can participate in their native language.

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The Wordly Advantage

Wordly Zoom webinar and meeting interpretation is powered by a proven AI-based solution. More than 3 million users have used simultaneous interpretation with Wordly.

Wordly can eliminate the cost of hiring dozens of
language translators so your panelists and attendees can speak, read and listen in their preferred language.

Wordly also supports multilingual
training interpretation and translation. Increase knowledge transfer and training effectiveness by allowing all training participants to select their preferred language.

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