Make City Council Meetings More Inclusive

There are thousands of local government organizations across the United States that rely on live (in-person and virtual) meetings to update residents on government activities and provide them with a voice in the conversation. While many residents speak English, there is a large percentage of people where English is not their native and preferred language. Many local governments have tried providing human interpreters to address this issue, but that solution is too expensive and time-consuming for most organizations to implement.

Wordly has solved this problem with our AI-powered real-time simultaneous interpretation solution. Now you can address the multilingual challenge for town hall meetings, city council meetings, or any other events where the attendees speak multiple languages.


Maximize inclusivity, accessibility, and consensus with real-time interpretation. Improve civic participation and engagement.

Help your constituents understand community issues quickly, effortlessly, and fully.

Invite diverse community members to offer their insights and contributions, clearly and easily.

Automated transcripts help those with hearing limitations and enhance knowledge transfer - especially for visual learners.

Hybrid, and Virtual

Wordly enables each attendee to read along, and listen along, in their preferred language, on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Every public meeting can be translated into 20+ languages, 24x7, with translation set up in seconds.

Wordly is easy for attendees with no downloading or logging in required.

AI-Powered Interpretation Technology Guide

Learn the most critical features to consider in selecting an interpretation technology solution that allows participants to hear presentations in the language of their choice in real-time.

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The Wordly Advantage

Wordly city council interpretation is powered by a proven AI-based solution. The real-time translation platform is cloud based and provides a faster, easier, more cost effective solution for town hall meetings than legacy human interpretation services.

Wordly is used by government, NGO, nonprofit and business organizations enabling meeting participants to read along or listen to meeting presenters in their preferred language on their own computer or mobile device.

Wordly also supports multilingual
Meeting Interpretation and Translation. Increase attendee productivity by allowing all meeting participants to select their preferred language. Increase meeting engagement and participation with employees, partners, and other constituents.

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