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Translate English speakers into Spanish audio, captions, and transcripts for conferences, meetings, events, webinars, training, town halls, and much more. Wordly makes it fast, easy, and affordable.

The frequency of multilingual meetings and events continues to increase as businesses and organizations add employees, customers, and partners around the world. Meetings and events are more engaging and inclusive when everyone speaks the same language, but that is not always possible. Human interpreters and translators are an option, but the high cost and logistical complexity limits their use to big budget events and organizations.

Wordly solves the multilingual collaboration problem with a proven, high quality, highly scalable AI-powered translation platform which provides simultaneous interpretation into Spanish and dozens of other languages. Speakers and attendees each select their preferred language at the start of the session - selecting from live translated captions or audio - and using their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Offering translation services is a great way to increase engagement, productivity, and inclusivity.

Wordly Translation Tips

What is the History of Spanish?
The Spanish language, also known as Castilian, is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula, a region that encompasses modern-day Spain and Portugal. The Spanish language has a rich and complex history, dating back to the 9th century and has gone through multiple transformations.

  • Old Spanish: The earliest form of the Spanish language is known as Old Spanish and dates back to the 9th century. Old Spanish was heavily influenced by the Vulgar Latin spoken by the Roman Empire and by various Germanic and Celtic languages spoken by invading tribes.
  • Middle Spanish: During the 11th and 12th centuries, the Spanish language underwent significant changes, resulting in the development of Middle Spanish. Middle Spanish was characterized by the development of a more standardized form of the language and the emergence of the first written records of Spanish.
  • Early Modern Spanish: During the 15th and 16th centuries, the Spanish language continued to evolve, resulting in the development of Early Modern Spanish. Early Modern Spanish was heavily influenced by the exploration and colonization of the Americas, and it was during this time that the Spanish language became a global language.
  • Modern Spanish: Today, the Spanish language is spoken by over 460 million people worldwide and is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. Modern Spanish has evolved to become a rich and diverse language, with many regional variations and dialects.

The screenshot below shows an example of what the speaker is saying on the left - and the translated captions the attendee would see on the right.

English to Spanish Translation

Providing Spanish translation - both from Spanish and into Spanish - is a high priority for businesses, non-profit organizations, industry associations, local communities, and many more organizations since Spanish is spoken by so many people around the world. Spanish is the national language of Spain, Mexico, and several other countries and approximately 480 million people speak Spanish as their native language. Wordly provides interpretation from Spanish into audio and caption translations for dozens of languages.

In addition to translating English to Spanish, Wordly also provides the following Spanish translation options:

  • Bengali to Spanish Translation
  • Chinese to Spanish Translation
  • Dutch to Spanish Translation
  • French to Spanish Translation
  • German Spanish Translation
  • Hindi Spanish Translation
  • Italian Spanish Translation
  • Japanese Spanish Translation
  • Korean Spanish Translation
  • Portuguese Spanish Translation
  • Russian Spanish Translation

Wordly also provides dozens of options for Spanish translation, including:

  • Spanish to Arabic Translator
  • Spanish to Bengali Translator
  • Spanish to Chinese (Simplified) Translator
  • Spanish to Chinese (Traditional) Translator
  • Spanish to Czech Translator
  • Spanish to Dutch Translator
  • Spanish to English Translator
  • Spanish to French Translator
  • Spanish to German Translator
  • Spanish to Hebrew Translator
  • Spanish to Hindi Translator
  • Spanish to Indonesian Translator
  • Spanish to Italian Translator
  • Spanish to Japanese Translator
  • Spanish to Korean Translator
  • Spanish to Polish Translator
  • Spanish to Portuguese Translator
  • Spanish to Romanian Translator
  • Spanish to Russian Translator
  • Spanish to Swedish Translator
  • Spanish to Tagalog Translator
  • Spanish to Tamil Translator
  • Spanish to Thai Translator
  • Spanish to Vietnamese Translator

Why Wordly is Better Than Human Interpreters

Wordly provides simultaneous translation powered by AI for over 3 million users at 1,500+ companies for in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings and events. The Wordly platform provides real-time, on-demand simultaneous translation without the use of human interpreters - making it faster, easier, and more affordable to collaborate across multiple languages at once.

Wordly also offers translation into dozens of additional languages. See the complete list of language translators.

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