Live Translation Special Offer for ICF Members

Add real-time translation for audio and captions into dozens of languages to meetings and events. ICF members receive a special discount.

Offer Live Translation for Events and Meetings

Include real-time translation and captioning for all of your meetings and events - making them more engaging, accessible, and productive.

AI Translation

Wordly enables real-time multilingual collaboration by enabling attendees to listen to audio or read captions which increases inclusivity, engagement, and understanding. The AI-powered solution does not require human interpreters of special equipment which makes it easy to set up and significantly less expensive.

ICF Member Offer

ICF Members can receive 25% off their first Wordly AI translation purchase of a Pro package or above. To redeem your offer, reference the “Wordly / ICF Special Offer” when you contact us. Use the form below to schedule a call to answer questions and see a demo.

Wordly processes audio from each speaker in real-time and translates what is being said into dozens of languages simultaneously. Each speaker and meeting participant selects the language they prefer; has the option of captions or audio output; and can join using their preferred language - on their own computer or mobile device.

Wordly works for in-person and virtual events - and alongside all major event management and video conferencing platforms, including Cvent, Zoom, and Teams.

The Wordly Advantage

The Wordly translation solution is powered by proven AI technology and has been used by over 2 million meeting and event attendees worldwide. The real-time translation platform is cloud based and provides a faster, easier, more cost effective solution for multilingual events than legacy human interpretation services.

Wordly is used by over 1,000 global businesses across all industries including industry associations, non profit organizations, and enterprises of all sizes.

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