Notified Translation with Wordly

Add real-time translation for audio and captions into dozens of languages to Notified meetings and events.

Notified Translation for Events and Meetings

Experience real-time Notified translation and Notified captioning for all of your meetings and events. Wordly processes audio from your Notified meetings in real-time and translates what is being said into 30+ languages simultaneously. Each speaker and meeting participant selects the language they prefer. 

The Notified event host starts a Wordly translation session that meeting attendees can join. Attendees do not need a Wordly account and are not charged for translation minutes when joining a meeting. Only the meeting host needs a Wordly account. 

Wordly enables real-time multilingual collaboration by enabling attendees to listen to audio or read captions which increases inclusivity, engagement, and understanding. The AI-powered solution does not require human interpreters of special equipment which makes it easy to set up and significantly less expensive.

Notified Translation with Wordly

About Notified

Notified provides an all-in-one event solution that makes events easy to manage, plan, deliver, and realize ROI. From small- to large-scale complex events, Notified enables event planners, marketers, and communication professionals to create immersive experiences, drive engagement, mine profitable insights, and maximize ROI from one platform. Notified Event Cloud delivers the world’s most comprehensive end-to-end event technology and services. Notified offers a consultative approach to determine your use case and provide a solution that makes sense for your company. It’s a whole new world of event technology without the limitations of venue. 

Businesses can use Notified and Wordly to enhance a wide range of conferences and trade shows for multiple industries, including associations, non-profits, financial services, government, life sciences, pharma, education, technology, and much more.

The Wordly Advantage

The Wordly Notified translation solution is powered by proven AI-powered technology used by over 3 million meeting and event attendees worldwide. The real-time translation platform is cloud based and provides a faster, easier, more cost effective solution for multilingual Notified events than legacy human interpretation services.

AI Translation

Wordly is used by over 1,500 global businesses and enables meeting and event participants to read captions or listen to audio in their preferred language - on their own computer or mobile device.

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Translation and Interpretation Research - event interpretation increases inclusivity

 Translation and Interpretation Usage Trends

65% of event planners say offering translation is a great way to increase inclusivity - and 72% expect an increase in the number of multilingual meetings. But only 33% use translation to address language barriers. Learn the top barriers, benefits, and solutions for offering live translation in this research report.

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