Training Interpretation

Training global sales reps and partners in the language they sell in improves performance!


Accelerate knowledge transfer, extend reach and engage global sales reps more effectively. Increase partner mindshare, and provide transcripts for deeper study. Market conditions and sales strategies change quickly.

Language transparency allows your sales enablement team to get the right expert training to the entire sales organization more quickly and effectively. It also makes your online training sessions as compelling as possible to inspire sales representatives to deliver their best.”

In Person

Allow partners and sales reps to follow along on their own device in their preferred language. Increase inclusivity, interactivity, and sales. Finding the right people for your business is expensive and time consuming. Wordly lets you train new team members up to their maximum performance level. For effective two-way communication with subject matter experts, sales trainers, and senior leadership, real-time interpretation offers huge potential value. Wordly makes translation always available, day or night.


Allow your best experts to train your sales team, regardless of the languages each speaks best! AI interpretation gets the right knowledge to the right people faster, for greater sales attainment. Sales training sessions tend to be intense, back-to-back, full days. Make the most of your extended team’s mental energy by removing translating in their head from the to-do list. Increase camaraderie and informal knowledge sharing by allowing them to understand and form better working relationships with each other.