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Translation Quality

There are multiple items which factor into the overall interpretation experience - including cost, ease of use, setup logistics, and translation quality. Wordly takes all of these seriously and has developed a robust product and scalable delivery operation to ensure we consistently deliver a high quality customer experience.

Wordly has been used and validated by over 3 million attendees worldwide.

When you are evaluating interpretation quality, there are six important considerations.

  1. Comprehensive In-House Testing

    Wordly invests significant resources to ensure you will receive high quality translation output for every language we offer. Before we release a new language, we run simulated tests using audio conversations in the source language and verify both the audio and text outputs exceed an accuracy threshold.

  2. Comprehensive Customer Testing

    We have over 1,500 customers including large global companies in financial services, healthcare, technology, professional services, and a wide range of other industries. Many of these companies have conducted extensive tests versus human interpreters, google translate, and features built into video platforms. The feedback consistently comes back that not only is the quality of Wordly higher, but the user experience is significantly better. Our growing base of customers is a strong testament to the quality of Wordly translations and customer service.

  3. Consistent Output

    One of the advantages of machine based AI translation is the consistency of the output. While many human interpreters deliver high quality translations, the output can often have variable quality levels based on the individual interpreter. Wordly provides consistent high quality output every time. The quality of our translation output also continuously improves over time.

  4. Custom Glossaries

    One of the benefits of machine based AI translation is the ability to create a custom glossary of up to 2,500 terms unique to your company or industry to further enhance the quality of the output and user experience. Most human interpreters are unable to keep track of large custom glossary lists.

  5. Robust Technology Infrastructure

    Wordly is built on state of the art SaaS technologies and has delivered over 400 million minutes of translation for over 3,000,000 session attendees since we launched in 2019. We continuously monitor translation output and session feedback in order to improve our processes.

  6. Customer Service

    The Wordly Platform was designed to be a self-service, easy to use product that is available on-demand, 24/7. But, depending on your team size and skills, you may need additional support - particularly for your first event. A Wordly Customer Success Manager, a real person versus an automated bot, can be assigned to every new customer to ensure you have a great onboarding experience - helping you address any setup questions and being available for real-time help during your event.

Translation and Interpretation Research - event interpretation increases inclusivity

 Translation and Interpretation Usage Trends

65% of event planners say offering translation is a great way to increase inclusivity - and 72% expect an increase in the number of multilingual meetings. But only 33% use translation to address language barriers. Learn the top barriers, benefits, and solutions for offering live translation in this research report.

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