Why Wordly

13 Reasons to select Wordly for all of your meeting and event translation, captioning, and transcription needs.

Learn why over 1 million people have used Wordly worldwide!


Easy - AI-powered translation does not require human interpreters or special equipment which eliminates scheduling and logistics challenges.

Attendees don’t need to create an account or download anything - they join via their personal device (phone, tablet, or computer) using a QR code or url.


Affordable - AI-powered translation does not require human interpreters which keeps the cost low.

All in One Pricing - You Get All 20+ languages for one low price.

Flexible Pricing - You can pay by the event, or purchase an annual subscription and save 20% or more.


Comprehensive - You get translation into 20+ Languages - including 14 of the top 15 international business languages.


High Quality - Proven by over 1 million users at 500+ organizations worldwide.


Flexible - You get audio and captions and transcripts - all included for no extra charge.


Customizable - You get custom glossaries to manage company and industry specific terminology.


Dependable - AI-powered interpretation never gets tired and never needs a break.


Scalable - You can have up to 30,000 translation users per session.


Reliable - Successfully used for over 80 million translation minutes and 30,000+ meetings and events.


Versatile - Use for in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings and events.


Always Available - Access Wordly on-demand, 24/7, from anywhere.


Ubiquitous - Use Wordly with any video, streaming, or conference platform - including Cvent, Glisser, MeetingPlay, Teams, and Zoom.


Focused - We specialize in technology powered interpretation solutions which means we are committed to providing the best solution possible.

NEW REPORT - Translation and Interpretation Usage Trends

Wordly commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a study with 200+ Marketing and Sales Professionals at US and UK based organizations to understand trends and best practices around offering translation services at multilingual events.

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