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LanguageLine Solutions provides on-demand and onsite language interpretation and document translation services worldwide for law enforcement, healthcare organizations, legal courts, schools, and businesses. LanguageLine has their US headquarters in Monterey, CA, European HQ in London, and Asia Pacific HQ in Taiwan. LanguageLine has a team of over 16,000 human interpreters who provide their services to customers across a wide range of languages. Human powered interpretation solutions are effective at addressing multilingual language barriers, but there are alternatives to solutions like LanguageLine which companies should also consider.

Interpretation Challenges

Most organizations are global with a wide range of multilingual constituents, including employees, customers, partners, vendors, members, and citizens.

While human interpreters are a good option for events planned months in advance and supported by large budgets and teams, the logistical challenges and cost of human interpreters make this option unattractive for most organizations. The problem is compounded by hybrid and virtual events where the speakers, interpreters, and audiences are in different locations.

LanguageLine Alternatives

Wordly solved the interpretation problem by developing the industry's first AI-powered remote simultaneous interpretation platform. Wordly is a great LanguageLine alternative - providing a fast, easy, and affordable solution for today's global, multilingual, virtual world.

The Wordly platform captures the speakers’ audio, processes it via a secure cloud infrastructure, and translates in real-time into 20+ languages.Presenters speak in their preferred language and participants read or listen in their preferred languages; using their computer, tablet, or smartphone; in-person or remote.Wordly increases inclusivity and productivity for attendees at conferences, webinars, training sessions, sales kickoff meetings, and many more use cases.

Compare Wordly To Human Interpreters

Save 50% or More with Wordly

WordlyHuman Interpreters

Fast, Easy, Affordable


On-Demand, 24/7


Audio + Captions


Translated Transcripts


Automated Glossaries


Modern Technology

AI-Powered, SaaSNone

Set-up Time


Planning Logistics


Special Hardware

NoneHeadset + Sound Booth for Interpreters


High, ConsistentHigh, Variable

Average Cost

$100 - $150 Per Hour
Includes 25+ Languages
$100 - $200 Per Hour
Includes 1 Language

Sample Event Cost -
5 hours, 5 languages

(Save 80%)

REPORT - Translation and Interpretation Usage Trends

Wordly commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a study with 200+ Marketing and Sales Professionals at US and UK based organizations to understand trends and best practices around offering translation services at multilingual events.

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