Meeting Interpretation

Unlock the full potential of your global team with real-time interpretation for meetings.

Wordly supports all your meeting interpretation needs.

Meetings are an important activity for every company and organization. As companies become more global, there is a growing challenge where the speakers and participants often don’t speak the same language. The traditional solution is to hire a meeting interpreter, but this is too expensive and time-consuming for most meetings. Wordly solves this problem with our AI-powered interpretation platform which provides real-time simultaneous meeting interpretation without the need for human interpreters with the click of a button - enabling you to make all of your meetings more inclusive.

Virtual Meetings

Maximize inclusivity, participation and meeting productivity. Help your team members understand quickly, effortlessly and fully. Invite your global teammates to offer their insights and contributions immediately, clearly, and easily.  Automated transcripts enhance note taking and knowledge transfer, especially for visual learners.

In Person

Ready to visit overseas teammates again? Want automatic meeting note taking? Ensure expensive visits to field offices and headquarters provide maximum value. Conserve the mental stamina of multilingual teammates by allowing each to participate in their primary language. Easier understanding leads to better, faster decisions and greater team output.

Productive Meetings

Wordly integrates with popular meeting platforms and can compliment many more. Wordly is available 24x7 and sets up sessions in seconds.

Wordly mobile apps enable each attendee to read along and listen along in their preferred language on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Wordly Advantage

Wordly meeting interpretation is powered by a proven AI-based solution. The real-time simultaneous interpretation platform is cloud based and provides a faster, easier, more cost effective solution for meetings than legacy human interpretation services.

Wordly is used by hundreds of global companies and organizations and enables meeting participants to read along or listen to meeting presenters in their preferred language on their own computer or mobile device.

Wordly also supports multilingual conference translation. Increase attendance, engagement and inclusivity by allowing all conference participants to select their preferred language. Increase conference accessibility and satisfaction for employees, prospects and customers.

Live Translation Datasheet

DATASHEET - Wordly Platform Overview

Review the features of the Wordly translation platform which provides live translation for audio and captions into dozens of languages.

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