Conference Interpretation

AI-powered real-time remote conference interpretation is the easiest and most affordable way to make your conference inclusive, engaging, and appealing to a global audience

Wordly conference-interpretation

Wordly can support remote, virtual, in-person, and hybrid conference interpretation.

Conference Interpretation

Unlock the full potential of your events by reaching more participants with real-time translation.

Attract more global participants and contributors to your conferences.

Worldly simultaneous interpretation complements all major meetings and events platforms.

In Person Conference Interpretation

Participants can access real-time translation and interpretation on their own personal devices in their preferred language.

There is no need for special hardware or sound booths to manage Wordly AI-powered interpretation

All languages are interpreted in real-time and always available on demand at your fingertips.

Conference Interpretation

A single real-time simultaneous interpretation platform that addresses both modes; virtual and in-person.

Seamlessly integrate Wordly into your hybrid conferences.

Allow participants to understand and be understood in the language of their choice when attending a conference.

The Wordly Advantage

Wordly AI-powered interpretation delivers a powerful solution. This real-time translation platform is cloud based and provides a faster, easier, more cost effective solution for conferences than legacy RSI and human interpretation services.

Wordly is used by hundreds of global companies and organizations and enables participants to read along or listen to conference presenters in their preferred language on their own computer or mobile device.

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