Wordly Translation Platform

Fast, Easy, Affordable Translation for Multilingual Meetings and Events

The Wordly AI-powered platform has four integrated modules providing an end to end multilingual meeting translation solution built to meet enterprise security, privacy, and collaboration standards.

The Wordly Platform offers the following capabilities.

In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid Formats

Use Wordly for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events - including webinars.

On-Demand, 24/7 Access

Since Wordly does not rely on human interpreters, it is always available. Setting up a new event and inviting participants only takes a few minutes.

Fast and Easy Set-up

Setting up a new Wordly translation session only takes a few minutes - and does not require any IT involvement. New customers are assigned a customer success program manager to review the setup process.

Flexible Pricing Options

Wordly provides simultaneous translation into 20+ languages for one affordable price. Wordly is a cloud based solution you purchase, similar to a conference platform. Unlike human interpreters, you don’t pay extra for every additional language you want to offer. Pricing is based on the number of hours and attendees. You can buy for an individual event, like a conference, or purchase an annual subscription for ongoing use across your company. You can easily save 50% or more versus human interpreters.

Highly Scalable

Wordly works great for 2 to 10,000+ attendees. Pricing is based on the number of people who use the translation option - and since you get all 20+ languages for one affordable price, you don’t need to worry about which languages the event attendees will want to use.

Streamlined Scheduling

Since Wordly does not rely on human interpreters, you do not need to worry about scheduling translators for your event.

Audio + Live Captioning Output

Attendees have the option of listening to live audio or reading live captions - providing a very flexible learning environment. Both the audio and captions are available in 20+ languages.

Translated Session Transcripts

Full session transcripts, translated into 20+ languages, are available after every session. The meeting host decides who has access to the transcripts. These provide documentation which can help meet audit requirements or provide attendees with post event notes to reference.

Custom Glossaries

Customizable and reusable glossary which can store up to 2,500 terms unique to your organization and industry (e.g., people’s names, product names, etc.)

High Quality Translation

The translation quality of Wordly is excellent - and reflected by our large and growing customer base. We recently passed the 1 million user milestone - and have over 500 global customers. We regularly test the audio and text output to make sure the translation quality is high - and also have developed custom interfaces to ensure the organizer setup and attendee user interface are very easy to use.

Robust Technology

The Wordly platform is SaaS-based and runs in a secure, highly scalable cloud environment. Wordly has powered over 80 million translation minutes and over 30,000 translation sessions.

Extensive Platform Integrations

Wordly works with all major conference and video platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cvent, MeetingPlay, and many more.

No Special Hardware Requirements

Wordly does not require a sound booth or special headsets for attendees. Attendees can join with their personal mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Enterprise SSO Access

You can configure Wordly to work with your corporate single sign-on infrastructure.

NEW REPORT - Translation and Interpretation Usage Trends

Wordly commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a study with 200+ Marketing and Sales Professionals at US and UK based organizations to understand trends and best practices around offering translation services at multilingual events.

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