How to Create a Wordly AI Translation Session

See how fast and easy it is to create a live translation session for meetings and events with the Wordly AI-Powered Translation Platform. Make in-person and virtual events more inclusive and engaging by offering live translation and captions in 50+ languages.

Translating Zoom Meetings

Experience real-time Zoom translation through the Wordly App for Zoom while in a Zoom meeting. The Wordly App for Zoom processes audio from your Zoom meeting in real-time and translates what is being said into the languages selected by other meeting participants.

The Zoom meeting host is able to start a Wordly translation session that meeting attendees can join. The host is responsible for providing Wordly minutes to run the translation session within the Zoom meeting. Attendees do not need a Wordly account and are not charged for translation minutes when joining an ongoing translation session. The host also receives translations in the languages that they choose.