Wordly Translation Product Tour

Watch how Wordly uses AI-powered translation to provide real-time simultaneous translation into 20+ languages including audio translation, caption translation, and transcript translation.

How Wordly Solves Conference Translation Challenges

  • Wordly solved the conference translation problem by developing the industry's first 100% AI-powered simultaneous interpretation platform - providing a fast, easy, and affordable solution for today's global, multilingual, virtual world.
  • Wordly is powered by AI and does not require human interpreters or special equipment. Traditional conference interpretation solutions require a multi-step process: The on-stage speaker gives a speech or presentation in their own language. This is known as the source language. Two interpreters work in a booth at the same time, taking turns. The interpreter listens to the speaker and communicates the meaning of the words in the required language. This is known as the target language. Throughout the conference, the audience wears headsets. These headsets allow audience members to listen to the speech in their own language, as a result of the conference translator’s actions – the interpreters in the booth. While effective it is also very expensive and logistically complicated to plan and execute.