About Wordly

Wordly provides multilingual collaboration solutions powered by AI for over 1 million users at 500+ companies for in-person and virtual meetings and events. The Wordly platform provides remote, real-time, simultaneous translation without the use of human interpreters - making it faster, easier, and more affordable to collaborate across multiple languages at once.

AI-Powered Interpretation Services

Interpretation Challenges

Most organizations are global with a wide range of multilingual constituents, including employees, customers, partners, vendors, members, and citizens.

This creates a big communication challenge since the language spoken at meetings and events is often not the preferred language for the audience - leading to lower productivity, higher costs, lack of inclusion, and reduced participation.

Global Interpretation


The multilingual interpretation problem is often solved by using human interpreters, which is a good option for events planned months in advance and supported by large budgets and teams.

But the logistical challenges and cost of human interpreters make this option unattractive for most organizations.

The problem is compounded by hybrid and virtual events where the speakers, interpreters, and audiences are in different locations.

Interpretation Solutions

AI-Powered Interpretation

Wordly solved the problem by developing the industry's first AI-powered remote simultaneous interpretation platform - providing a fast, easy, and affordable solution for today's global, multilingual, virtual world.

The Wordly platform captures the speakers’ audio, processes it via a secure cloud infrastructure, and translates in real-time into 20+ languages.

Presenters speak in their preferred language and participants read or listen in their preferred languages; using their computer, tablet, or smartphone; in-person or remote.

AI Interpretation


Wordly provides AI-powered interpretation services through a SaaS platform which does not require human interpreters - making it faster, easier, and more affordable to manage multilingual collaboration.

Wordly empowers organizations to unlock the potential of their global teams and markets by removing language barriers and making meetings and events more inclusive.

Wordly is used by hundreds of organizations around the world, across a wide range of industries, associations, and government entities.

Wordly Management Team

Lakshman Rathnam, Founder, CEO
Innovator and product manager with expertise in human machine interfaces, acoustics and audio. Author of more than 25 patents.
Experienced NLP, AI and ML expert in interactive systems; passionate about leading teams to deliver break-through products.
Experienced founder and executive leader. Successfully launched and grew multiple enterprise products.
Marketing executive with extensive experience building high growth B2B SaaS and online businesses.