Wordly Brings Language Access to Dreamforce with AI Captioning

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September 18, 2023

Dreamforce 2023 took over San Francisco the week of September 11th, bringing over 40,000 customers, partners, and industry experts to the Moscone Convention Center and nearby hotels & restaurants for the 3-day event. 

The theme for the conference was how AI can be used to transform how organizations engage with their customers, partners, and suppliers across all touch points - including sales, marketing, customer success, and support.

To say the conference was buzzing with non-stop activity would be an understatement. The large crowds and fully booked sessions were a strong endorsement that in-person events are back and that San Francisco is a great place to host events.

Here's a shot of the elevators and lobby in Moscone West that was packed with people all day throughout the conference.

Wordly helped make the event more inclusive and accessible by providing AI powered live translation and captions at hundreds of sessions on over 30 stages for 3 days. Our AI translation solution was a great complement to the conference focus on using AI to improve customer communications across all touch points.

Attendees were able to access live AI Captioning by scanning a QR code on signs placed at the entrance of over 30 rooms / stages, like the one shown below. After scanning the code with their phone, attendees selected from over 30 languages from a drop down list - clicked Attend - and they had instant access to live captions in the language they selected. You can change the language at any time. You can also access audio in the language you selected by unmuting the sound in Wordly on your phone - and plugging in a headset to avoid interfering with other people at the session. You don’t need to download anything or sign up for an account to use Wordly.

Since Wordly is powered by AI, there is no need for special equipment like a sound booth - making it easy to schedule, easy to use, and very affordable. You get access to 30 languages for the cost of 1 human interpreter.

With Wordly AI Transcription, you get four products for the price of one: Audio, Translated Subtitles, Same Language Captions, and Text Transcripts.

For more information, visit our website to learn how Wordly can make your meetings and events more engaging, inclusive, and accessible. Find out why over 2 million people have used Wordly.

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