How to Select AI Translation Technology

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December 19, 2023

AI Interpretation Guide

Everyone is excited about the promise of using AI to transform all parts of their business. But it can be overwhelming to try to understand what business functions are ready to use AI - and what you should look for in an AI solution.

Wordly has been providing AI Translation and AI Captioning solutions since 2019. We have over 1,000 organizations around the world using Wordly and over 2 million meeting and event attendees. We have learned a lot working with customers across all industries (healthcare, financial services, technology, manufacturing, government, etc.) and a wide variety of use cases (conferences, company town halls, customer webinars, employee training, etc.).

In addition to using our customer learnings to continuously enhance our product, we have summarized our learnings into a guide that compiled the benefits of offering live translation and captioning - as well as the options you have available today.

The topics include:

  • Get a working vocabulary of translation concepts and terms
  • Explore the most common use cases that leverage translation
  • Meet the attendee types who value live translation and captions
  • Review traditional and emerging translation options with their pros and cons
  • Gain an understanding of how AI translation works
  • Assess key benefits of AI translation for solving your business challenges
  • Learn the most important features to consider in selecting AI translation solutions

Download the guide to learn more about how you can make your meetings and events more inclusive and accessible with AI.

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