Try Wordly AI Translation at IIMC in Calgary

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May 15, 2024

If you are attending the IIMC Annual Conference in Calgary, you can meet with Wordly. 

We will be exhibiting at the conference and can answer questions about Wordly AI translation and captions as well as provide a demo so you can experience the speed, quality, and ease of use in person.

Offering live translation and captions is a great way to increase inclusivity and accessibility for all attendees - as well as increase engagement and satisfaction with your event.

To schedule a demo or ask questions, swing by our booth and say hello to Rod Theoret or Nick Fuentes who will be representing Wordly at the conference.

Wordly provides AI Translation for live events and also provides video translation for on-demand content. Presenters and attendees can select from over 50 languages and 2,000+ language pairs at in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings, events, and webinars.

Make City Council Meetings More Inclusive

There are thousands of local government organizations across the United States and Canada that rely on live (in-person and virtual) meetings to update residents on government activities and provide them with a voice in the conversation. While many residents speak English, there is a large percentage of people where English is not their native and preferred language. Many local governments have tried providing human interpreters to address this issue, but that solution is too expensive and time-consuming for most organizations to implement.

Wordly has solved this problem with our AI-powered real-time translation solution. Now you can address the multilingual challenge for town hall meetings, city council meetings, or any other events where the attendees speak multiple languages.

About IIMC

International Institute of Municipal Clerks is the premier organization for Municipal Clerks. Founded in 1947, IIMC has 75 years of experience improving the professionalism of Municipal Clerks. IIMC has more than 15,000 members representing towns, small municipalities and large urban jurisdictions of more than several million people.

If you are not attending IIMC and want to learn more, schedule an AI translation demo today or ready about our government translation solutions.

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