Wordly AI Translation Update - January 2024

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February 7, 2024

Happy New Year and welcome to 2024. Wordly has kicked off the year with several exciting items we want to share with you - including product updates, new translation languages, and product tips.

First we want to share a photo from an exciting event we provided live translation and captions for - the 2024 PCMA Convening Leaders Conference. PCMA used Wordly on 10 stages for over 50 hours of programming, including the keynote featuring President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Here is a photo from the session featuring French captions. Attendees were able to select from over 50 languages and read captions or listen to audio - making the event more inclusive for the global audience.

Wordly Product News

Here are a few Wordly product updates and tips.

Enhanced Microsoft Teams Translation Support

We have enhanced our ability to provide live translation and captions for Microsoft Teams meetings. Wordly makes it easy and affordable to make your Teams meetings more inclusive for a global audience with over 50 language options. The translations are fast and very high quality. 

You can read more about Teams Translation - or schedule a personalized demo.

4 New Translation Languages

We continue to expand the number of languages we support with the addition of: Afrikaans, Albanian, Norwegian, and Punjabi.

We do extensive testing and benchmarking prior to releasing new languages to ensure you get high quality output. 

You can see all of our translation languages.


Product Tip - Live Captioning

Since Wordly comes standard with audio and live captioning output, you get two solutions for the price of one.

Here is a photo from a recent conference where the organizer displayed Wordly captions alongside the stage. You can display multiple languages on the same screen and customize the font size and colors.

To learn more about these new capabilities, schedule a personalized demo.

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