Wordly Expands Translation Support Services

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May 2, 2023

Wordly Support

After you purchase a product you want to quickly deploy it. Some products require extensive support from IT and the vendor to configure, implement, and test.

Wordly was designed with ease of use as a core development requirement. We make it easy for everyone to use AI Translation:

  • Event Organizers creating translation sessions for in-person or virtual events
  • Presenters and Attendees joining sessions via their phone or computer
  • Event Platforms adding translation to their products
Wordly Translation is Easy

No matter how easy a product is to use, it always helps to have resources to help you get up and running quickly. Wordly is committed to ensuring customer success - from onboarding to pre-event, in-event, and post-event support. Wordly offers a range of support options to ensure customer and partner success.

We have summarized all of the support options into a convenient online translation support guide.

To learn more about Wordly AI Translation, schedule a call to see a demo and ask questions about how you can start using audio translation, live captioning, and audio transcription to make your meetings and events more inclusive and productive for everyone.

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