Take Wordly AI Translation for a Test Drive at PCMA edUcon

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June 19, 2024

If you are attending PCMA edUcon Detroit, you can meet with Wordly. We will be exhibiting at the conference on June 24-25 and can answer questions about Wordly live translation powered by AI - as well as provide a personalized demo so you can experience the speed, quality, and ease of use in person.

To schedule a demo or ask questions, swing by our booth and say hello to Dave Deasy and Scott McEachen who will be representing Wordly at the conference.

About edUcon

Experience the future of event leadership at PCMA’s edUcon. Connect with industry peers, gain insights from innovation trailblazers and explore new possibilities for the future of events. Witness live demonstrations of progressive learning formats and craft a modern event playbook filled with fresh concepts to elevate your career. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of the business events industry as we Transform Together. Sunday, June 23 – Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at Huntington Place, Detroit, Michigan.

About Wordly

Wordly provides AI Translation for live events and also provides video translation for on-demand content. Presenters and attendees can each select from over 50 languages and 2,000+ language pairs at in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings, events, and webinars.

Presenters speak in their preferred language, and participants read captions or listen to audio in their preferred languages using their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Attendees can read captions displayed on the stage screen, or monitors placed alongside the stage.

If you are not attending edUcon, and want to learn more, schedule an AI translation demo today.

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