5 Tips To Increase Translation Quality

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May 5, 2023

Translation Quality

When you offer live translation services at a meeting or event, managing the quality of the experience is very important. 

There are multiple items which factor into the overall translation experience - including cost, ease of use, setup logistics, and translation output quality. Wordly takes all of these seriously and has developed a robust product and scalable delivery operation to ensure we consistently deliver a high quality customer experience. 

We have provided over 250 million minutes of live translation for over 40,000 meetings and events and learned a lot about how to deliver a high quality interpretation experience. 

We will share our top 5 tips to increase translation quality.

  • Tip 1 — Ensure High Quality Audio Input

Presenters must be heard clearly by the interpreter or translation app. If they can't be heard clearly, they can't be translated clearly. Presenters should wear a lapel mic if live, or headsets with microphones for virtual meetings to ensure close mic proximity at all times. Coach speakers to keep microphones close to their faces and refrain from using integrated laptop microphones which capture too much background noise. Turn the audio (microphone levels) up as high as possible and avoid talking over other speakers or music. Lastly, enunciate clearly; speak at a moderate pace; and pause briefly between sentences.

  • Tip 2 — Provide Extensive Language Options
Provide Extensive Language Options

In order to ensure everyone can participate in their preferred language, conduct a survey in advance to find out the languages you should offer. Event organizers often underestimate the range of preferred options. Since adding additional interpreters can get very expensive, consider using AI translation options which enable you to offer multiple languages for one low price. Wordly offers over 400 language pairs - see all the language interpretation options.

  • Tip 3 — Offer Audio and Captions
Offer Audio and Captions

Some people like to listen to presentations - some like to read along - and others like to listen and read. To provide the best experience, give people the option to select the experience that is best for them. AI translation solutions are the easiest and most affordable way to offer both options since the technology is designed to provide both outputs at once.

  • Tip 4 — Use Customizable Translation Glossaries
Use Customizable Translation Glossaries

Most organizations have a wide range of industry terms, product nomenclature, and employee names which are challenging to translate correctly. This is particularly important for many industries, including healthcare, technology, and financial services. In order to ensure these terms are managed correctly, create a translation glossary. Wordly offers a patent pending 3X powered glossary which provides the ability to boost, block, and replace terms based on company and regional requirements. The glossary is applied in real time and does not require an interpreter to memorize a long list of terms. 

  • Tip 5 — Make the User Experience Easy
Make the User Experience Easy

In addition to ensuring high quality output and providing attendees with language and output options, it is also important to make sure the user experience is easy for meeting organizers and attendees. Legacy human interpreter solutions provide high quality output, but are often very complicated to set up and manage at the venue - requiring sound booths and special headphones. Translation software eliminates the need to schedule interpreters or manage special equipment. Wordly took it one step further by making it very easy for organizers to set up and attendees to join sessions. Attendees do not need to download anything or set up an account. In-person attendees can join by scanning a QR code with their mobile phone and virtual attendees can join by visiting the event URL provided by the organizer. 

To see Wordly in action, schedule a translation demo today.

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