Wordly Translation and Captions App for Zoom Update

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May 11, 2023

The Wordly Translation and Captions App for Zoom meetings and webinars (aka Wordly App for Zoom) brings the power of Wordly translation and captions to Zoom users.

Wordly is committed to providing a comprehensive Zoom Translation solution for meetings and webinars. The Wordly App for Zoom has been available in the Zoom Marketplace since 2021 and is continuously updated to provide additional features, including security functionality.

Wordly in Zoom Marketplace

In June we are retiring an earlier version of our app that was called “wordly” and it will be removed from the Zoom marketplace. We encourage all Wordly users that use Zoom to ensure they are using the latest version (shown above). Anyone who installed the Wordly App for Zoom after October, 2021 will already have the latest Wordly Translation and Captions app installed and no additional action is required.

You can access the latest version of Wordly App for Zoom in the Zoom Marketplace.

If you have any questions, visit Wordly Support or send a request to your Wordly Representative.

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