Wordly Launches AI Translation Demo

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April 26, 2023

Translation Demo

Most people want to try a product before purchasing it. Wordly has always offered personalized demos to show off cool features like live translation and live captioning - as well as answer questions about translation glossaries, and event platform integrations.

We are making the demo process even easier by releasing a new on-demand interactive demo. Now you can take Wordly for a test drive without scheduling a demo - you can access the self-guided demo 24/7, any time you want.

The demo simulates using Wordly for translation at a meeting or conference and takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

‍You will be able to test several things:

  • Speaking in 19 languages - including English
  • Hearing audio translation in 26 languages
  • Reading caption translation in 26 languages

Access the demo here.

After trying the demo if you want to learn about advanced features, including video translation, customizable translation glossaries, and translated transcripts - schedule a personalized demo.

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