12 Must Have Features for AI Translation

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March 14, 2024

Navigating today's multi-national, multilingual world requires enhanced communication options. Organizations are going global with employees, partners, and customers located worldwide as powerful tools like video conferencing have made it easier to operate remotely. People from around the globe have also relocated and live in new areas where the primary language is different from what they are used to. Organizations need to bring these diverse communities together for a wide range of functions, but the effectiveness is often limited due to language barriers. 

Most businesses run their meetings and events in the headquarters language, such as English in the US, leading to lower engagement, comprehension, and inclusion with the participants.  Human interpretation is a good option for large, complex events which are planned months in advance and supported by large budgets and teams to coordinate all of the logistics. But the time and cost of offering human interpretation often makes this option not viable for private companies, industry associations, and local governments. 

Wordly has extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes who are trying to solve the language access challenge. We have summarized our inputs from thousands of customer discussions to create a guide which lists the key features required to provide high quality and affordable AI live translation and captions.

The guide is called Top 12 Features Required for AI Translation & Captioning.

Wordly provides AI-powered real-time translation through a SaaS platform which does not require human interpreters - making it faster, easier, and more affordable to manage multilingual collaboration.

Wordly also provides AI captioning, also known as live translation, which is the process of taking audio and simultaneously converting it into text in real-time. The advantage of live AI captioning is it can be used to enhance the user experience for meetings, conferences, training, and a wide range of other event types.

Presenters speak in their preferred language and participants read or listen in their preferred languages; using their computer, tablet, or smartphone; in-person or remote.

To learn more about the 12 must have AI translation platform features, download the guide.

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