GMID22 Uses Wordly AI-Powered Interpretation to Increase Engagement and Inclusivity

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April 8, 2022

More than 2,000 Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID22) attendees took advantage of Wordly AI-powered interpretation and transcription in 22 languages. 12 hours of presentations and activities became more accessible, engaging and inclusive with Wordly. Meeting planners from all over the world were able to participate fully as a result. 

This is a powerful example of how leading-edge event designers are putting more globally-relevant content on stage to attract and retain much larger audiences. Interestingly, hundreds of attendees used Wordly to transcribe English (the language most content was presented in), showing that

listening + reading = better user experience. We find this is especially true for all-day events. 

Hundreds of GMID22 attendees took advantage of translation into languages that rarely have human interpreters at events, such as Thai, Polish, Vietnamese, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, Swedish, Bengali, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

Congratulations to the team at who hosted GMID22 and all their partner organizations who provided so much great content that thousands of meeting professionals eagerly showed up! 

Wordly’s 100%-AI-powered simultaneous interpretation is exponentially more available and affordable than legacy solutions, reducing the friction of reaching global teams and markets. 

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit or schedule a personalized demo

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