Guide to Selecting Interpretation Technology Solutions

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February 4, 2022

In the five years since we started Wordly, we have worked with some incredible people. Language experts, AI experts, hundreds of conference and meeting planners, and literally thousands of Wordly users inspired us. Many of them asked hard questions, and some of them helped us find profound answers. Our new eBook, a GUIDE TO MODERN INTERPRETATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, is our effort to share the most important things our community has taught us. We hope you’ll take a look!

Our new guide delivers necessary insights and tools to choose the right interpretation technology solution for you.

  • Learn the most critical features to consider in selecting an interpretation technology.
  • Get a working vocabulary of interpretation concepts and terms.
  • Explore the most common use cases that leverage translation
  • Meet the attendee types who value interpretation
  • Review traditional and novel interpretation options with their pros and cons
  • Gain an understanding of how AI interpretation works
  • Master what to look for in an AI-Powered interpretation solution 
  • Assess key benefits of AI-powered interpretation for applicability to solving your business challenges

Fundamentally, we hope this guide will help readers discover the positive social impacts linguistic inclusivity supports. It helps explain why AI-powered real-time interpretation is increasingly becoming a default part of many meeting and conference plans. 

Please download our new guide, and share this link with any friends or colleagues you think may appreciate the dynamic changes AI-powered interpretation can bring to their organizations.

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit or schedule a personalized demo.

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