Secret Insights From MPI WEC SF 2022

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June 24, 2022

The Wordly team just returned from Meeting Professionals International’s World Education Congress in San Francisco, and have nuggets to share. Wordly’s platform translated more than 60 sessions into 25 languages. We also exhibited and interacted with scores of interesting presenters, planners, and solution providers. Here are some of the most interesting takeaways.

  • Future proofing is big. Incorporate flexibility to deal with disruption, emerging trends, and evolving attendee preferences.
  • Lean in to curating the next big thing. Attendees want to network with thinkers and practitioners who are leading on the cusp of emerging tech, buzzy concepts, and powerful new methods.
  • Take care of yourself. As always, we saw many sessions on career and stress management for harried event planners.
  • To strengthen your brand, sharpen your vision, value proposition and pitch. Practice face-to-face to gauge how your brand is being received.
  • Attendees have a pent-up demand for reconnecting with colleagues and this impacts event design. Plan shorter sessions and longer breaks for social interaction. Increase the share of highly interactive presentations and workshops. Discussion, discussion, discussion.  
  • In your event agenda, tag each session by how interactive, hands-on, and applied the session will be so attendees can plan according to their preferences.
  • Reinforce the value of lessons learned during your onsite events with virtual follow ups, using the same presenters when possible. Invite post-event attendees to share successes applying the lessons, and request more nuanced techniques to overcome discovered complications. This ongoing activity creates new business model opportunities as well.
  • Inclusivity initiatives require measurement to be managed and sustained. Wordly provides planners and hosts a way to track how many attendees accessed translation and transcription. Since Wordly passed the 1 million users threshold last March, we can confidently show that’s 1 million plus people who would have been less included or excluded if Wordly hadn’t cracked the language barrier. 
  • Use best of breed solutions to set your events apart. Attendees want to be wowed. Fortunately, Wordly works with a range of leading event platforms.

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit our website or schedule a personalized demo.

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