Learn About Wordly AI Translation at GALA 2023 Dublin

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March 7, 2023

Wordly will be attending and speaking at GALA 2023 Dublin on March 12-15, 2023.

The GALA Conference is a once-yearly intersection of learning, networking, motivation, and fun. It provides an opportunity for the globalization and localization industry to connect, collaborate, and learn together. The focus is high-level, strategic, and growth oriented.

GALA 2023, Dublin, Ireland, Presenter, 12-15 March

Our CEO, Lakshman Rathnam, will be participating on an exciting panel: "Interpreting Technology Innovations and Business Trends: Predictions for 2023 and Beyond.”

There has been increased attention on this topic with changing global interaction modes since Covid and increased DEI initiatives. Join a lively panel discussion with key innovators and business leaders from around the global interpreting sector to discuss and learn about key industry trends for 2023 and beyond. The panel includes Dieter Runge, Sarah Hickey, Viviana Bernabe, Rosemary Hynes, David Utrilla, and Oddmund Braaten.

We recently launched Wordly 3.0 which includes several powerful features, including natural sounding audio translation voices and an enhanced translation glossary to increase interpretation quality

If you are attending GALA and want to meet with Laskhman, send us a note using our Contact Us form.

If you are not attending GALA and want to see Wordly in a personalized demo, or just ask question about how AI translation works, send us a note using our Demo Request form.

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