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April 14, 2023

Translation can help increase event attendance in several ways:

  1. Expand the audience: By offering translation services, an event can attract attendees who might not have otherwise been able to attend due to language barriers. This can help expand the potential audience for the event and bring in more attendees.
  2. Appeal to diverse audiences: By offering translation services, an event can demonstrate its commitment to diversity and language inclusivity, which can make it more attractive to a wider range of attendees. This can help increase attendance and create a more vibrant and diverse event.
  3. Improve attendee experience: When attendees can fully understand and engage with the content of an event, they are more likely to have a positive experience and be more likely to recommend the event to others. This can help generate positive word of mouth and attract more attendees in the future.

Once you decide to add live translation to your events, it is important to promote the offering to help expand your global audience. Let people know you are making the event accessible to everyone. We created a guide on how to use translation to increase event attendance.

Check out the Translation Promotion Guide.

This guide provides tips and tools for activities you can do both before and during your event to promote offering translation.

Sample image and text to use with event promotion on website, social posts, and emails.

This is a Language Accessible Event
We are offering live translation into audio and captions for over 30 languages at the event for no extra charge to make it language-accessible to everyone. Attendees access translation with their phone or computer.

Wordly provides live translation and live captioning into over 30 languages. The AI translation platform makes it easy and affordable to make meetings and events more accessible for everyone. Schedule a translation demo today.

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