Wordly Adds 6 New Language Translation Options

Posted on

September 29, 2022


Dave Deasy

We have further expanded our extensive set of languages interpretation options. We now offer language translators for 25 languages.

We added 5 new input languages:

  • Czech
  • Indonesian
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Romanian

And 1 new output language:

  • Turkish 

What is Multi-Directional Translation?

Some translation solutions are only bi-directional and English centric - meaning you can translate from English to French, and French to English, but not French to Spanish.  Wordly supports multi-directional translation from many languages to many languages. For example, you can provide English to French, French to Spanish, and Spanish to Japanese translations - along with over 400 other language pair options.

What is a Language Pair?

A language pair consists of one input and one output language - English to French and French to Japanese are considered two language pairs.

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