Wordly Enhances French and Japanese Language Interpretation

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March 24, 2022

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our language interpretation capabilities, we are excited to announce enhancements to both French and Japanese translations on the Wordly Platform. French and Japanese are two of the 20+ languages Wordly provides AI-powered real-time simultaneous interpretation for.  

Languages are difficult enough for people to master, and humankind has been learning them for tens of thousands of years. Machines only really began in earnest this century. Not all languages are created equally, either. Some phenomes, syntax structures and idioms are trickier for people and machines. What both people and computers benefit from is lots and lots of practice data. The more years a person is exposed to a language, the greater their mastery. 

The good news for AI is that the amount of training data for each language is only going up.    

And, machines can study very quickly. There’s a fancy statistical curve that creates a rule saying for every time the training data increases 10x, the accuracy of the AI improves measurably and the amount of computing power needed goes down.

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit https://wordly.ai or schedule a personalized demo.

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