Wordly Launches Cvent Translation Solution

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October 17, 2022

Wordly has partnered with Cvent to make real-time translation more accessible for all Cvent customers. 

Cvent users can now add Wordly to their account via the Cvent Marketplace. After setting up a Wordly account, users can access live Cvent translation via the Attendee Hub into 25 languages. Each attendee selects the language of their choice via an easy to use drop down menu, has the choice of listening to live audio or reading captions, and uses their personal device - a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Attendees do not need to download anything or have a Wordly account - only the meeting organizer needs a Wordly account.

Wordly solves the multilingual meeting problem with an AI-powered solution that does not rely on human interpreters or special sound equipment. Wordly is available on-demand 24/7, can be set up in minutes, provides high quality output, and costs significantly less than human interpreters (for example, you can save 50% for a meeting with translation into 5 languages - your savings increase as the number of translated languages increase). 

Wordly has been used by over 1 million event attendees and can work seamlessly alongside Cvent across a wide range of use cases:

  • All Event Formats - In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid, and Webinars
  • All Event Types - Industry Conferences, Trade Shows, User Events, Roadshows, Sales Kickoffs, Company All Hands, and Much More

The image above shows an example of Wordly running in the Cvent Attendee Hub displaying captions from the Cvent CONNECT Europe event. In this example the attendee switched from French to English captions.

To add Wordly to your Cvent account, contact your Cvent or Wordly account representative.

To learn more about Wordly, visit About Us or Schedule a Personalized Demo.

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