5 New Ways to Try & Buy Meeting and Event Translation

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August 10, 2022

Wordly is introducing 5 new ways to make trying and buying live translation and captioning for your multilingual meetings and events easier!

  1. Lower Pricing - We have reduced the price on all single language pair translations - for example, English to French, Spanish to Japanese, and 300+ Other Translation Options. Pricing starts at $75 per hour and includes caption and audio output.
  1. Transparent Prices - We have published prices online for our most popular packages to make it easier for you to budget for upcoming events. Check out the new Translation Pricing Table.
  1. Purchase Online - In order to make purchasing faster and easier, you can now Purchase Translation Online at the Wordly Store.
  1. Take a Test Drive - If you want to see how Wordly works, but aren’t ready for a demo, you'll love the Try it Now translation demo option
  1. No Risk Purchases - If you are new to Wordly and AI-Powered Translation, you have nothing to worry about. We are so sure you will love our product that we offer a money back guarantee. Your Wordly sales representative can share the details with you.

Find out why over 1 million people around the world have used Wordly for a wide range of meetings and events:

Industry Conferences | Association Meetings | User Group Events | Customer Webinars

SKOs & QBRs | Company Town Halls | Employee Onboarding | Partner Training

To learn more about Wordly, visit www.wordly.ai.

To ask questions or schedule a personalized demo, contact us for more information.

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