Start 2023 Off Right - Update Your Event Planning Strategy

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January 5, 2023

Whether you are planning for in-person or virtual events, chances are that your top priorities include:

  1. Increasing Attendance
  2. Increasing Engagement
  3. Increasing Satisfaction

In order to accomplish all of this you need to plan and deliver exciting events that make it worth the time and cost for people to attend. 

There are many key ingredients for a great event, including:

  1. Selecting a Cool Venue (or virtual platform) that people want to travel to
  2. Finding Great Speakers that people want to learn from and talk about on social media
  3. Building Engaging Content that keeps people interested through the entire event
  4. Planning Fun Networking activities that help everyone expand their community
  5. Bridging the Language Gap by offering live translation and captions

Many organizations invest heavily in items 1-4, but often overlook ensuring everyone can easily communicate in their preferred languages. Wordly makes this easy and affordable with our AI-Powered interpretation platform.

Wordly works alongside all major event management and video conference platforms - for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events - as well as webinars and on-demand videos. Attendees can join a session using the translation app.

Powered by AI translation, you don’t need to plan or pay for multiple interpreters or special equipment. Wordly delivers language translators offering over 25 languages for one low price.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…..We say a demo is worth a million words.

Schedule a demo today and we will show you how you can make meetings and events better with translation services.

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