Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit Wordly At IMEX Frankfurt 2022

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May 11, 2022


Chris Harget

Need a reason to see us in Frankfurt? Here are five.

  1. Grow event attendance. After you decide where to host your next event, you need to attract lots of attendees to go there. We can show you how Wordly real-time translation can help attract global attendees.
  2. Increase language inclusivity.  You want your gatherings to welcome a diverse audience. IMEX Frankfurt draws participants from dozens of countries and four continents. Visit booth E685 to see how wordly ai-powered interpretation helps them all feel included.
  3. See what the fuss is about. Wordly has delivered AI-powered real-time translation to more than 1 million users. What do they know that you don’t know? Come to our booth to find out.
  4. Stop overpaying for too-little translation. Legacy translation approaches forced meeting planners to exclude some languages due to uncertainty about attendee mix and high  prices. See how much more financially efficient your event can be with 20+ simultaneous languages from Wordly. 
  5. Show attendees you’re keeping up with the times. We’ve all adapted in the last couple years. Attendees’ expectations for virtual and physical events have changed. They expect more if you’re going to earn their precious time, attention, and travel budget. Making live captions and audio translation available lets them listen and read along, absorbing more content and feeling more engaged. It shows your event follows best practices. For some it adds novelty and engagement. 

Whatever reason makes you want to explore the latest innovations in conference interpretation, come on by.

Please visit us in IMEX booth E685, visit our website or schedule a personalized online demo.

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